Former Trump spiritual advisor’s book catalogs two centuries of Christian martyrs, warns of modern persecution

According to the author of a new book on martyrdom, Christians are persecuted around the world and face discrimination in the West, which can lead to more violent opposition.

“For 2000 years, Christians have died for their faith, and as you know, we thought it was time to reintroduce these stories to a new generation.” Former President Donald Trump spiritual adviser told Fox News Digital.

Moore spent seven years with co-author Jerry Pattengale selecting and researching centuries’ worth of stories of people rising up for their faith in the face of ridicule, death, and torture.

‘New Book of Christian Martyrs’, 600-page book to be published on Tuesday Tyndall House Publishersis intended as an encouragement to Christians, but Moore also sees it as a warning to prepare against discrimination and persecution.

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Pastor Johnny Moore and Persecution Survivors in Nigeria (Courtesy Johnny Moore)

Martyrs are “willing to die for the Christianity that we barely want to live… Being Christian is controversial and our views are not accepted in mainstream culture.” So sometimes we decide to keep quiet about our faith,” Moore said.

The book is advertised as an updated version of the 16th-century Protestant work known as Fox’s Book of Martyrs. First published in 1563 as Acts and Monuments, John his Fox book has been updated and revised in numerous volumes and has become the standard text many Protestants treasure alongside the Bible.

Fox’s book is a deeply anti-Catholic work, showing that Protestants are innocent victims of Roman Catholic oppression, and that a country where “the Pope prevails” is “an ignorant and degrading peasant, A prodigal nobleman, a clergyman, prodigal and greedy, tyrannical and cruel.”

But Moore and Pattengale, based on the observation that when Islamic terrorists attack contemporary Christian churches, “they are not looking for Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Baptists, or any of these.” I took a slightly different approach with their latest update. They just look for the cross,” said Moore.

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“Foxy’s Martyrdom Book is a Protestant text, an anti-Catholic Protestant text, and at the time of the Reformation, everyone understands why it was so. As you know, Catholics are killing these reformers and sometimes vice versa,” Moore told Fox News Digital.

diagram showing "John Rogers Burning" from "deeds and monuments," 1503, better known as Fox's Book of Martyrs

Illustration showing The Burning of John Rogers, from the well-known Acts and Monuments of Fox’s Book of Martyrs, 1503 (Houghton Library, Harvard | Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons)

The new book’s section on the Reformation era contains mostly stories of Protestants who died for their faith, not Catholics. That leaves out the many people honored as Catholic saints who were killed in England during the decades and centuries following the bloody persecution under Mary, the Catholic Queen.

However, other periods of history covered in this book have mixed stories of Catholic and non-Catholic martyrs.

“What we’ve done is integrate the stories of Catholics and Orthodox Christians who have died for their faith over the centuries,” Moore said.

The authors likewise seek to represent “both the good and the bad deeds done in the name of Christ” throughout the colonial era, “fighting for the indigenous peoples and justifying them as precious to God.” He praised those who “respected him.”

Such witnesses of colonial Christianity include priests, although they were not strictly martyrs. Peter Clever — the priest who declared himself a “forever slave of slaves” and served captured Africans forced to do hard labor in Colombia — and the Nicaraguan bishop who was stabbed by the provincial governor’s son for standing up, Antonio de Valdivieso to the colonial powers of Europe.

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Many names in the book are familiar. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was imprisoned and executed by the Nazis, and Justin Martyr, who was beheaded in 166 AD. Others are lesser known: Julian of Anazarbus, Roman of noble birth sewn into a snake-filled sack and thrown into the sea c.305 AD: Taliban during a mission in northern Afghanistan Sheryl Beckett was shot in 2010.

Sheryl Beckett was killed by the Taliban in 2010 while on a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan.

Sheryl Beckett was killed by the Taliban in 2010 while on a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan. (courtesy)

Most of the books deal with Christians who have been murdered in recent decades.

“There have been more martyrs in the last century than in the previous 19th century combined,” Moore said.

Many stories deal with people slaughtered at the hands of Islamic extremists such as ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East and Boko Haram in Africa.

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But the main perpetrators of Christian persecution are not Islamic terrorists.

“The greatest violation of religious liberty and the greatest persecutor, prisoner and murderer of Christians and other religious groups are communists, not Islamic terrorists,” Moore said.

Moore served on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom for several years and was sanctioned by China in 2021.

Some political commentators have dismissed the idea that American Christians are persecuted or at risk of persecution, calling it a victim complex whose religious rights are used for political power. Christians are said to be persecuted, and those who warn that it is wrong to try to find out how they are being mistreated in order to feel themselves to be true Christians. There is also

But Moore sees alarming signs in America and the West, based on his work with people abroad who face mortal danger for their faith.

“I don’t want to draw parallels because it would dishonor the memory of those who have faced such situations,” Moore said. I’ve met persecuted Christians in different places… They always said, ‘It didn’t start like this. .


“There are no similarities in results, but there are similarities,” he said. “The results are dramatically different. There are no parallels there, but there are worrisome parallels in the matter. When says “change what you believe”, otherwise “that’s reason for the warning. ”

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