Four Wounded When Gunmen Open Fire on Chicago Funeral Procession

Around 1 p.m. Saturday, gunmen opened fire on a vehicle during a funeral procession in Chicago, injuring four people.

fox news report Police believe the shooting was “targeted” and that others in the procession were not in danger.

ABC7 I got it A white pickup truck stopped next to one of the cars in the procession and opened fire, injuring two passengers.

Two people in another vehicle were also injured.

Lisa Peloquin, who lives near the scene of the shooting, said it was “terrifying to think that people were shooting close to home, close to family, close to school.” As long as it’s very easy for someone who is upset and has some sort of problem to get a gun, people will try to solve the problem this way, which sucks. None of us want to live in such a world. “

of chicago sun tines It pointed out Between January 1, 2023 and June 10, 2023, 248 people were killed in Chicago.

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