Fourth IRS Agent Says D.C. and CA Prosecutors Blocked Hunter Charges 

IRS official Darrell Waldon has filed an IRS whistleblower complaint that prosecutors in Washington, D.C. and California previously blocked David Weiss, now special counsel, from prosecuting Hunter Biden in those jurisdictions. repeated the testimony of Gary Shapley.

“Mr. Weiss went to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and I can’t remember the date, but they did not agree to prosecute in Washington, D.C.,” Waldon said. Said According to a transcript of a September interview with the House Ways and Means Committee. washington examiner report.

“I am aware that it was filed in the District of Columbia and at one point in the Central District of California,” he added.

The transcription of Waldon’s interview came after he acknowledged Shapley’s claims of political interference in April. Waldon has since left the Hunter Biden case due to other responsibilities within the IRS.

As the investigation progressed, Weiss did not bring charges against Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C. or California jurisdictions. Instead, he struck a plea deal for Hunter Biden and her boyfriend, which fell apart under judicial oversight in July. Shapley’s testimony in April reportedly triggered a plea deal filed in Delaware. Weiss later filed three gun-related charges against Hunter Biden in Delaware.

The recent testimony of Mr. Waldon, who was Mr. Shapley’s boss, is noteworthy. That’s because Attorney General Merrick Garland testified Wednesday that no one had the authority to stop Weiss from doing so. charging “They could refuse to partner with him,” Hunter Biden said.

“you said [Weiss] He had full authority but had already been denied. He wanted to file a lawsuit in Washington, D.C., and the federal prosecutor there said, ‘No, you can’t do that’ — and then you have the U.S. Senate under oath saying he has full authority. Are you going to tell me? ” asked House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

“No one had the authority to turn him down. They could refuse to partner with him.” Garland replied.

“It doesn’t matter what words you use. ‘Rejecting your partner’ means saying no,” Jordan replied.

“In the Department of Justice’s well-known practice, this is not the same,” Garland argued.

Mr Waldon previously reviewed Mr Shapley’s memo submitted to Parliament regarding the October 7, 2022 meeting between Mr Waldon, Mr Shapley, Mr Weiss and others. “Darrell asked me to film an update from today’s meeting. Darrell — if I missed anything, please feel free to comment,” it said at the top of the email. Ta.

In point 2 of his email to Waldon, Shapley summarized: “Weiss stated that it is not up to him to decide whether or not to be prosecuted. I believe this is a major problem – it contradicts the Department of Justice’s public position and Merrick Garland’s testimony. ”

Waldon replied to Shapley, “Thank you, Gary.” You covered everything. ”

Waldon is the fourth person to express concern that the Justice Department is blocking charges against Hunter Biden.

Mr. Shapley, along with his subordinate and second IRS whistleblower, Joseph Ziegler, support this claim. In addition, IRS Field Operations Director Michael Batdorf told the House Ways and Means Committee on September 12 that the Justice Department’s tax division opposes prosecuting Hunter Biden.

IRS Oversight Special Agent Gary Shapley (left) and IRS Agent Joseph Ziegler of the Criminal Investigation Division attend the House Oversight and Accountability Committee meeting with IRS whistleblowers on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, in Washington. Take the oath at a public hearing. (Stephanie Scarborough/Associated Press)

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