Fox News AI Newsletter: Scarlett Johansson’s AI accusation

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– OpenAI accused of imitating Scarlett Johansson, tech company suspends ChatGPT audio
– China unveils first full-scale electric driving humanoid robot
– How Nvidia became the king of chipmakers: From a Denny’s market cap to a $2.3 trillion market cap

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson. (Getty Images)

“can’t believe it”: Scarlett Johansson She is “angry and in disbelief” after tech company OpenAI criticized its ChatGPT app’s Sky voice for sounding too similar to hers.

Rise of NVIDIA: Wall Street is eagerly awaiting Nvidia’s latest earnings report on Wednesday. artificial intelligence technology.

Chinese robot 1

Humanoid robot “Tiangon” (CMG)

Electric traveling robot: As tall as an average human A symphony of sensors and processorsAmamiya has the ability to jog at a steady pace, navigate complex terrain, and perform tasks with precision. Amamiya represents a future where robots could become our companions, helpers, and perhaps friends.

Google makes a big announcement: Google’s flagship developer conference, known as I/O, concluded with an intriguing leap into how the big tech giant plans to change the world.

Google IO conference

Google’s I/O 2024 conference (Google)

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