Fox News’ Benjamin Hall returns to Ukraine for first time since near-fatal attack, interviews Zelenskyy

FOX News correspondent Benjamin Hall returned to Ukraine over the weekend for the first time since the attack that left him seriously injured in March 2022.

Hall’s visit was organized by Lachlan Murdoch, executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, after receiving an invitation from President Zelenskiy to visit the country. Hall was interviewed by Zelensky on “Bret Baier Special Report,” which will air Tuesday.

Hall was seriously injured last year when the vehicle he was traveling in was shelled in the Kyiv suburb of Holenka while reporting on the war in Ukraine. Beloved FOX News photojournalist Pierre Zakrzewskiy and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvsinova were killed in a tragic attack. Hall underwent about 30 surgeries and lost the use of one leg and the other, as well as the use of a hand and one eye.

FOX News’ Benjamin Hall spotlights the importance of journalism in his inspiring speech

FOX News correspondent Benjamin Hall returned to Ukraine over the weekend for the first time since the attack in March 2022 that left him seriously injured. He was interviewed by President Zelenskiy on “Brett Beyer Special Report,” which will air on Tuesday.

During his return to Ukraine, Mr. Hall also met with military personnel who assisted in last year’s evacuation, and Mr. Zelenskiy received Hall for his “outstanding personal contribution to strengthening inter-state cooperation and supporting Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.” He was awarded the Order of Merit III. . ”

hole recorded his journey As stated in Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission to Make it Home, a New York Times bestseller published in March 2023. Earlier this year, Hall read an emotional excerpt on “FOX & Friends” in which she described how “everything went black” as bombs exploded around her.

“If I was even slightly conscious, it felt like a distant shock wave that knocked every part of my body, bones, organs, sinews and soul,” Hall read. “I was almost dead, then, impossibly, a figure appeared from this devastating void and I heard a voice as real and familiar as any I had ever known: ‘Daddy, Get out of the car.’

FOX News’ Benjamin Hall urges viewers to ‘never give up’ in emotional return to live broadcasts

Ben Pierre and Oleksandra

The vehicle carrying Pierre Zakushevsky, Benjamin Hall, and Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshinova came under fire while covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hall was the only survivor. (Fox News)

A documentary based on Hall’s harrowing ordeal aired on FOX News Channel after the book’s release, detailing his escape from Ukraine and subsequent difficult recovery. Hall, who is beloved by his colleagues, said his wife, Alicia, and their three daughters gave him the strength to keep going.

Prior to his trip to Ukraine last week, Hall was honored with the Kenneth Y. The spotlight was on. yoke.

Benjamin Hall surprises FOX News colleagues with inspiring words, six months after deadly Ukraine attack

ben hall 3

Benjamin Hall, the Fox News correspondent who was seriously injured covering the Ukraine war in March 2022, was awarded the Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award for courageous journalism last week. (Fox)

“I stand here today, both as someone who witnessed war, as someone who lived through war, as a product of my own family’s war, and as my father’s experience. But I am also a survivor of war. And , I’m standing here feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt, and I know that the reason I went out, the reason I got hurt, was because we were doing something so important. “We believe that it’s so important to ourselves, to our communities, to our freedom that we’re telling the truth to our viewers, our readers, our listeners,” Hall famously said. Speaking at the Metropolitan Club.

“I lost my right leg and my left leg, shrapnel stuck in my eye, I suffered burns all over my body, and my hand was almost torn off. But the saddest part was that my cameraman, who was like a brother to me, “Pierre traveled the world with me. He died that day with Sasha and me,” Hall continued. “And people still ask me, ‘If you’ve never worked in journalism and you could recover from an injury, would you take it?’ I say no. Absolutely not…I think what we’re doing, and what all journalists around the world are doing right now, is essential.”

FOX News’ Nicholas Lanum contributed to this report.


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