Fox News True Crime Newsletter: Murdaugh clerk revelations, Bryan Kohberger legal move, Brian Laundrie lawsuit

I didn’t hold back: Major revelations from Alex Murdaugh, the controversial clerk in the jury tampering investigation.

defense strategy:Brian Koberger asks the court Venue change.

Jennifer Kesse:As my father’s broken heart unsolved mysteries Hitting a painful milestone.

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Jennifer Kesey’s co-workers reported her missing on January 24, 2006, because it was unlike her not to call if she was missing a day, her uncle said. Ta. (Find Jennifer Kesey)

too close to home: Police focus on search volunteers missing florida woman.

i doubt it: Police focus on the suicide of the first of the two women. firefighter house.

Grace Holland and Robert Daus at a bar in St. Louis

Grace Holland and Robert Daus’ 2020 photo posted on her Facebook. (Grace Holland/Facebook)

turnip torture: Brothers famous for running away from their parents house of fear You’ll just be sacrificed again.

from the dark side: Manson cult members in hot water after true crime podcast.

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Bruce Davis and Steve Grogan handcuffed

Steve Grogan (left) and Bruce Davis (right), defendants in the murder of movie stuntman Donald (Shorty) Shea, are brought into court. Davis, along with Charles Manson (absent), was charged in both Gary Hinman and Shea’s murders, but Grogan was only a defendant in Shea’s case. Grogan was later paroled, making him the only member of the “Manson Family” to be paroled after a murder conviction. (Bettman/Getty Images)

family feud: Parents of Gabby Pettit and Brian Landry march toward legal showdown.

“Redhead Murder Case”: Students discover the “Bible Belt Strangler” as a serial killer.

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