French President Macron Booed by Entire Stadium at Rugby World Cup

President Emmanuel Macron was met with a round of boos as he took to the pitch at the French National Stadium for the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup on Friday.

It was his most visible public appearance since the country was thrown into turmoil by racially charged riots over controversial pension reforms and the police shooting death of an Algerian teenager. President Macron did not receive a warm welcome from the French people at the Stade venue. De Vries at the Rugby World Cup.

While countless French celebrities were embraced by the crowd at the opening ceremony, the embattled globalist leader was not one of them, and his appearance at the match drew a wave of boos from the stands.

Macron, who once promised to rule the French Republic like the Roman god Jupiter, appeared in front of a mock Eiffel Tower and appeared surprised by the public’s backlash.

Macron secured re-election last year, but his popularity among French citizens has plummeted since then as the country suffered a cost-of-living crisis due to China’s coronavirus lockdown and the war in Ukraine.

Macron’s government caused controversy when it pushed through parliament without a vote to raise the pension age, which was seen as a slap in the face to the working class during difficult times and was said to be aimed at providing fiscal security. This sparked months of protests, strikes, and riots across the country.

Mr Macron begged people for 100 days to turn the country around, but was promised “100 days of anger” in return. Protests over pension reform subsided, but were soon replaced by race riots following the murder of an Algerian teenager on the outskirts of Paris.

President Macron has chosen to minimize opportunities for the public to interact with him, in response to deep anger towards the government. For example, during the annual “Victory in Europe Day” ceremony in May, which marks the official end of World War II, President Macron said the public was barred from the famous boulevard for fear of protests and it was nearly deserted. was forced to drive down the Champs-Elysées. president.

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