From fathers to failures: Feminization of society endangers us all

As my Blaze Media colleague Jason Whitlock likes to say, we have too many young people with too many mothers and not enough fathers. It describes an entire culture.

What is traditionally considered masculine discipline is defined as harsh in today’s world. And this is the problem: it is. That’s why when it comes to the riots, mayhem, and brawls happening on college campuses right now, especially in blue states, here’s how to get your dad to take off his belt.

Let them fight.

The people who were taught and nurtured by the administration in all these “educational” institutions are now rebelling against their masters. This also reflects voting patterns in states where disruption is most pronounced. So perhaps the worst thing we can do is try to tame the situation and end up allowing evil and corruption to remain institutionally intact.

What will happen if that happens? Western Europe will happen. Canada occurs. Australia occurs. This is the death of the West. We thought we weren’t going to confront human nature any further and could instead tame it. But the Borg don’t stay on deck 16, right?

Look closely, America. You need to know what your lies and over-comforting have led to.

We are on a knife edge as a civilization and are losing the damn thing.

Whatever the reason, I applaud the police for standing up at UCLA. I’m not going to send the police there any more than I want my son to fight for Ukraine. We have to make the law of sowing and reap work. This is Romans chapter 1. See how terrifying it really is to be given over to your own corrupt mind.

The candlestick will be taken away. The words of the Bible are fulfilled when we hear them. This is a judgment. Men and fathers used to understand it, but we don’t have many such understandings anymore, because today all such things seem too harsh to us. But what established this civilization of ours in the first place was the sometimes harsh spiritual discipline inherent in the Biblical worldview. You can’t escape from it. If you try hard, destruction awaits you. And in the case of these college campuses, it’s well worth it.

But due to the feminization of our culture, we now get to the point where whenever we see a sign of struggle or conflict or anything that might draw attention to us, we beg for it to go away as soon as possible. It has arrived. Convenient and impersonal means are available. Instead of telling myself I was just lazy and eating too much bad food when I weighed 380 pounds, I self-medicated because my stepfather beat me up too often as a child. Like when I preferred to be in a trance state. I had to stop. The trend needed to be reversed. I had to take a long look in the mirror.

It’s tough but necessary. We don’t have time to play games. There’s no time to let your heart bleed. We are on a knife’s edge as a civilization and are losing the damn thing. And a lot of that is because we’ve ignored our heavenly Father and never had an earthly father worth spitting on to teach us discipline.

So let the university touch that hot stove if necessary and forget about it. Even if we finally learn the lesson of what happens when we push God away, the scars that remain are a much better outcome than having them burn down our entire house and take us all. It will be.