‘Fu*k Disney’: Topless MMA Fighter Helen Peralta Protests Company During Weigh-In

MMA fighter Helen Peralta had a surprising message for Disney during the official weigh-ins Tuesday for Invicta FC 49.

Peralta showed up to the weigh-ins in protest with two white “X”s on her breasts that said “Fuck Disney” on them.

Peralta’s displeasure with the company could stem from the same displeasure that many others have. Disney has reportedly helped assist employees and children on sex changes and funded schools with millions to implement contentious education that sexualizes children.

Earlier in September, Samy Claude, 26, who was employed at Disney, was arrested in a huge human-trafficking bust in Orlando, Florida.

The motives behind Peralta doing this, however, are not 100% certain.

Fellow MMA fighter, Zac Pauga, said after the weigh-ins at Invicta FC 49 that Peralta has actually done this same exact stunt before in front of people, specifically during a weigh-in on the show, the Ultimate Fighter.

“She did this for her fight on TUF30 but the producers cut it and made her weigh in again after making weight just for the cameras,” Pauga said. “Funniest moment of the season and they cut it because ESPN is a Disney-owned company.”

Once her protest went viral, Peralta replied to what she did on Twitter in a super playful manner.

Whether or not Peralta was protesting against Disney due to their recent debacles or not, Peralta is brave for going against the grain. (RELATED: Jorge Masvidal Destroys Communism And The Cuban Dictatorship In Awesome Video)

Usually when somebody speaks out against a person or company that sides with the left, backlash ensues. It takes a lot of guts to speak out against a company that is as far left as Disney but by doing so, Peralta has definitely gained a fan or two.

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