Gavin Newsom Gets Fact-Checked After Politicizing FL Shooting

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, received a fact-check Monday after claiming the Hollywood, Fla., shooting violated the Constitution’s Carry Act.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ office immediately summoned Mr. Newsom and asked how a law not taking effect until July 1, 2023 could have had any bearing on the May 29, 2023 shooting.

Newsom tweeted:

desantis office answered: “How would a law that doesn’t come into force until July 1 change this outcome?”

Breitbart News reported that Hollywood Police Chief Chris O’Brien blamed a “criminal group” for the shooting that injured nine people.

CBS news I got it The incident began with “two groups getting into an altercation” and then shots were fired. Associated Press It pointed out A brawl broke out, after which “at least one gun was drawn,” he said. One person was arrested, but police are investigating other suspects.

Breitbart News noted that Newsome’s California is number one in gun control and will be number one in 2021 “states with the most mass shootings.”

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