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George Conway knocks CNN’s Donald Trump trial coverage: ‘It’s just wrong’

Conservative commentator George Conway has slammed CNN’s coverage of former President Trump’s hush money trial, accusing it of allowing right-wing “lies” to be spread on air.

Once a Trump ally but now a vocal critic, Conway recalled a tense conversation she had with conservative commentator Scott Jennings on CNN last week about Trump’s hush-money conviction, in which she accused Jennings of “lying” about the allegations.

“That’s wrong,” Conway said in an interview on Greg Sargent’s “The Daily Blast” podcast. “Scott, I don’t think he’s a lawyer, but he was repeating talking points that were clearly coming out of somewhere, probably somewhere around Palm Beach, Florida,” she said of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

“And … these people kept repeating these talking points, whether they were true or false, and I know there are people who are unhappy with CNN in general, MSNBC and CNN in particular’s coverage,” he continued. “I got the impression during the trial that people were getting a very misleading impression of what was actually going on in the courtroom, and that they were getting kind of a summary of what was asked and what was answered.”

Conway engaged in a heated exchange with Jennings on a CNN panel on Friday following Trump’s conviction on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in New York state.

Speaking at the panel, Conway argued the Republican Party was showing “moral decay” and that Trump was “not a victim” and “brought all of this on himself”.

CNN anchor Casey Hunt asked Jennings about the current state of the Republican Party, and Jennings said she didn’t agree with “a lot” of Conway’s points.

“He’s talking about crimes that were allegedly committed, but what’s obviously upsetting to a lot of anti-MAGA Republicans is that there’s no underlying crime,” Jennings said.

Jennings then compared Trump’s behavior after the verdict to that after the Senate held hearings focused on sexual assault allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, arguing that a conviction would “backfire politically” for Democrats.

Conway sighed, shook her head and said, “I mean, you know, Scott is lying. And that’s the problem with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is addicted to lying constantly.”

The two men traded words over allegations about the Republican Party before Mr Hunt stepped in to urge Ms Conway to respect Mr Jennings.

Conway told Sargent she was “finally speaking out” about the lies being repeated by some CNN pundits.

“He is [Jennings] “It really infuriates me as a paid contributor to CNN that they’re doing it and, frankly, it infuriates the people at CNN,” Conway said, before adding, “I’m prepared to speak out about this appeal, including today, because I think it’s a problem. I understand the problems CNN has and I’m not saying they’re doing it in bad faith — at least the producers and journalists there, whom I have a lot of respect for. But I think there’s a problem and I’m not really sure what the solution is other than to point it out.”

Conway claimed she was asked to comment less on CNN after criticizing President Trump.

“When Chris Licht was running CNN, and I did that for a long time, I got a lot of requests from CNN. After today, I might not get any more requests, but I don’t care. I’m not getting paid, so that’s fine,” Conway said.

The Republican commentator reflected on Trump’s appearance on CNN after his arraignment in New York, noting that “the words I said were, ‘Well, Donald Trump is a narcissistic psychopath,’ so I probably said the wrong words.”

“I didn’t get any calls from CNN bookers for a few weeks,” he said. “Then, within a day or two, a town hall event with Trump was announced and poor Caitlyn… [Collins] There was clearly a psychopath there, and backstage Chris Licht told Donald Trump, ‘Have fun.'”

The Hill has reached out to CNN and Jennings’ public relations firm for comment.

Licht, the former CNN CEO, stepped down as chief executive officer in June of last year after about a year at the company.

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