George Santos turns to Cameo for income after expulsion from Congress

After being expelled from Congress last week, George Santos is finding a new way to make money: cameos.

Cameo is a website where people can pay celebrities to create personalized videos for holidays, birthdays, and more.

A link to Santos’ Cameo profile can be found on his X profile. In Mr. Santos’ Cameo profile, he describes himself as a “former Congressional ‘icon'” and “an exiled New York City lawmaker.”

Interested parties can pre-order Santos’ personal videos starting at $200.

Santos vows to file ethics complaint against multiple lawmakers within hours of being kicked out of home

In a series of social media posts Friday night, Santos said he would file ethics complaints against four members of Congress on Monday. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc)

Santos joins the ranks of former politicians, including former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone, who have turned to cameos for extra income. Joined the.

Mr. Santos’ cameo appointment comes as he faces serious legal problems in his post-congressional life and likely significant legal costs. Federal prosecutors charged him with 23 counts of defrauding his donors, stealing from his campaign and lying to Congress.

The House of Representatives voted Friday to expel the New York Republican after a scathing ethics report into his conduct raised concerns among lawmakers about the scandal-hit freshman. Santos became the sixth lawmaker in Congressional history to be expelled by his colleagues, and the third since the Civil War.

Ramaswamy calls George Santos an “insane and pathological liar” but says it was a “mistake” to expel him from parliament

The vote for expulsion was 311 to 114, easily passing the required two-thirds majority. House Republican leaders opposed removing Santos from office, with a narrow majority now that Santos is out, but ultimately 105 Republicans sided with nearly all Democrats to oust him.

Republican New York Congressman George Santos

Congressman George Santos becomes emotional as he speaks about the situation in Israel at the Longworth House office building in Washington, DC, on October 13, 2023. (Joe Radle/Getty Images)

The ouster was the final chapter in Santos’ dramatic fall from grace in Congress. The life story of Mr. Santos, who was hailed as an up-and-comer after flipping his district from the Democratic Party last year, began to unfold even before he was sworn into office. Reports have surfaced that he lied about his Jewish ancestry, his career at a top Wall Street firm and his college degree.

Mr. Santos was then indicted by federal prosecutors on multiple charges in May, making his presence in the House of Representatives increasingly distracting and embarrassing for the party.


Santos’ ouster will shrink the Republican majority to 221-213, giving Democrats a good chance to fill the vacancy.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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