Giant Food president says theft, violence have increased

Giant Food president Ira Kress said theft and violence had increased significantly over the past few years.

“To tell [theft has] A 10-fold increase in the last five years isn’t an understatement,” Kress said. washington postThe newspaper also reported that the man said violence had “increased sharply.”

Giant has over 160 locations and stores in Maryland. Virginia. Washington, DC; and Delaware, according to the report, website.

So far, the company has not closed any stores, the Post reported.

“I definitely want to avoid closing the store,” Kress said, according to the newspaper. “But it has to be able to operate safely and profitably.”

“We were chasing shoplifters,” he said. “That way you can get your product back and no one will fight you. …I didn’t worry about someone pointing a knife or a gun at me.” [40] years ago. “

“The ignorance of our politicians about what’s going on with their communities, their jurisdictions and their voters is ridiculous,” said Kress, according to the newspaper. I offered to meet and talk to one of them.” . “And politicians blaming companies…resignation is embarrassing.”

Last year the post report A security guard and a woman opened fire on the giant in Prince George County, Maryland, police said. Police said the woman was “attempting to steal” items hidden in her backpack, but opened fire when guards approached, the newspaper said. Police said a security guard opened fire. Both eventually died.

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