Girls in West Virginia Refuse to Compete Against Trans Athlete at Track & Field Event

Several teenage girls left a track and field meet in West Virginia on Thursday after a U.S. appeals court ruled that transgender athletes must be allowed to compete in the women’s division. “participated in the middle” and refused to participate.

Female students stepped up their protests after being forced to compete against male-born students in a girls’ track meet at Bridgeport Middle School in Bridgeport, West Virginia.

This video shows several girls getting up in the shot put ring and quickly getting out of the ring without making a throw. Female students at the school also refused to participate in the discus competition.

girls Said According to Outkick, the boys were protesting after being allowed to compete against them in the shot put competition.

Save Women’s Sports advocate Riley Gaines praised the girls for their work. gains for girls Podcast.

“It’s a sad day when middle school girls have to be the adults in the room. Conceding the game is easier said than done, but these girls have the tenacity and ability to stand their ground. ” said Gaines. Saidadding, “I couldn’t be more proud of their courage and willingness to express their raw emotions. Girls and women have had enough.”

The protests came after the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 2-1 ruling. In this ruling, two Democratic-appointed judges defeat the only dissenters to invalidate a law that prohibits transgender athletes born male from competing in school sports in their same gender category. Voted. identify

Biden-appointed Justice Toby J. Hatens, writing for the majority, argued that for transgender athletes, “the ‘choice’ of not participating in sports or participating exclusively on men’s teams is entirely real. It’s not a viable option.”

“The defendants cannot expect that.” [plaintiff trans student Becky Pepper] “Introducing herself to her teammates, coaches, and even opponents as a youngster helped her transition, her treatment, and all the work she has done for schools, teachers, and coaches for nearly half her life. It’s going to ruin it,” Hatens said. Justice Pamela A. Harris, appointed by Obama, agreed with this opinion.

Judge G. Stephen Agwas, appointed by George W. Bush in 2008, was the lone dissenter on the three-judge panel.

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