Gleyber Torres’ miscue ends up costing Yankees: ‘Error is on me’

With the attacking side slipping lately, manager Aaron Boone said “small mistakes” could have a big impact on his team.

So did Gleyber Torres’ misstep in the top of the eighth in the Yankees’ 3-2 loss to Boston in the 10th inning in the Bronx.

With a one-point lead, Michael King allowed Quique Hernandez to score the opening single to the left side of the infield.

What should have been a routine throw to second base was instead a bizarre error from Torres, with Billy McKinney whiffing the ball after a careless one-hop from the left.

Torres got the ball to first base and Hernandez was able to get to second base.

Hernandez scored on Jalen Durán’s ground ball to tie the game and the Red Sox won the 10th inning.

“We have to be more careful with the ball,” Boone said. “period.”

“It’s my responsibility,” Torres said. “Billy threw the ball straight into the bag. [see] I was a runner and just missed the ball. “

Gleyber Torres reacts in the bottom of the fifth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.
USA TODAY Sports (via Reuterscon)

McKinney also said he took responsibility for himself, stating, “I have to throw a better pitch and send it to Graber’s chest. I take responsibility there.”

But even if the ball wasn’t thrown directly at Torres, he was at least in a position to stop it from passing by Torres, so Hernandez would have kept the lead.

King then walked Reese McGuire, and after Pablo Reyes bunted Hernandez and pinch runner Conor Wong, Duran’s second grounder pushed Hernandez into 2-2.

When asked what he should have done with this play, Torres smiled and said, “Catch the ball.”

He explained, “I tried to catch the ball very quickly and probably sent it to first base.” [behind Hernandez]”

Despite his talent, Torres occasionally makes headache-inducing mistakes like Sunday’s.

“One of the things that Graber really excels in defensively is that he plays the game with ease,” Boone said. “So you have to balance that and you have to be careful.”

And that was not the case with this play.

“That shouldn’t make you angry,” said Boone. “We have to be in a position to deal with it, even if it is a little offline.

Torres, who committed seven errors last year and six this season, agreed.

“Mistakes are my responsibility,” Torres said. “I should have grabbed the ball. Nothing was difficult.”

Things got even worse when Hernandez came from behind to tie the game and help eventual-winning Boston extend the game to win the series.

“I feel sick,” Torres said. “If I don’t make that mistake, then I think Kike might go to first base and get a double play.”

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