GM requiring salaried workers return to office starting in January

General Motors has promised to provide “more clarity” next month about the company’s three-day return-to-office policy.

“To meet critical business needs and maintain our company culture, hybrid employees are required to be in the office Tuesday through Thursday,” a GM spokesperson said in an email to FOX Business on Wednesday. .

The spokesperson added that the company will release further information to employees on January 8th.

According to the report, the number of workers affected will be 43,000. FOX 2 Detroit. The agency learned of the new requirement in an email sent to employees by CEO Mary Barra earlier this week.

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General Motors CEO Mary Barra sent an email to employees regarding the return-to-work policy, which will take effect in early 2024. (Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images/File/Getty Images)

The email details the company’s return-to-work policy, which requires employees within 50 miles of their assigned office location to return to their desks in person, the Detroit News reported.

“Senior leadership will continue to have the flexibility to determine whether teams need to be in the office more frequently,” Barra wrote in the memo, according to the newspaper.

Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, companies across the country have allowed their employees to work remotely, in most cases from home. While employees are looking for remote work jobs and trying to avoid commuting, many are now looking for ways to bring people back to the office.

“We believe the benefits of in-person collaboration and instruction lead to a stronger, more innovative culture and higher performance,” Barra wrote. “The pace of change is faster than ever and we need to do our best.”

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GM has faced backlash from employees about returning to work before. (Reuters/Rebecca Cook/File/Reuters Photo)

The move is expected to help automakers increase sales of electric vehicles. The company reportedly had trouble launching its electric vehicle line due to previous battery production issues.

GM has faced backlash from employees about returning to work before.

In November, the company announced a $10 billion accelerated share repurchase program and plans to increase its common stock dividend by 33% starting in January. GM also restored its full-year 2023 profit outlook after the labor strike ends.

Women working from

GM announced that full-time office workers who have been working from home in recent years will be required to return to the office three times a week starting next month. (image/image)

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GM said it expects full-year capital spending to be between $11 billion and $11.5 billion in 2023 due to the timing of certain programs and capital-efficient investments.

The company also said it expects adjusted auto free cash flow to be between $10 billion and $11.5 billion, compared with its previous guidance of just $7 billion to $9 billion.

FOX Business’ Joe Toppe contributed to this report.



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