‘God Forbid’ Is The Most Incredible Campaign Material Marketed As A Docuseries

“God Forbid: The Sexual Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty” was released Nov. 1 on Hulu, and it’s the greatest guerilla campaign material I’ve ever seen.

“God Forbid” is the documentary-style revenge porn story of Giancarlo Granda, who brought down Republican Evangelist and Liberty University’s former president Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife, Becki Falwell, after their alleged thruple affair left him apparently traumatized and without the money he was reportedly promised by the family throughout their alleged relationship.

Say what you want about the left, but boy, do they absolutely own the market when it comes to guerilla indoctrination of malleable demographics and generations through the pathway available to every American: television. Forget Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and the news media: the easiest way to manipulate huge groups of people into specific thought patterns is through the idiot box we watch every day, and right now, it’s run by a monopoly called Hollywood.

It’s no secret Hollywood is inherently woke and anti-all things conservative, but “God Forbid” goes so many steps further by subtly luring viewers into believing that because the Falwells allegedly did something wrong to this young man, Trump is a fascist dictator for apparently being supported by them… despite the actual story behind this documentary having almost nothing to do with America’s former President.

There is so much genius, macropsycho-social manipulation in this documentary it’s hard to know where to start. Perhaps with the dashingly handsome leading man, Granda, and his incredibly endearing sister? It’s impossible not to be drawn in by either of them, making them the perfect victims of the MAGA movement, per the subtleties of this movie, when this technically was not the case.

It should go without saying that everything these poor people claim to have experienced with the Falwell family is horrendous. If everything they claim is correct, then Granda would have been in a highly psychologically abusive sexual relationship with the Falwells. It’s impossible not to feel for the Grandas, but a lot of this sympathy is squandered with the second half of the movie.

After the producers adequately lure the viewer into loving the sex, glitz, glamor and scandal of Granda’s relationship with the Falwells, the entire conversation turns to Trump. Granda claims to have been a Republican and big fan of Trump’s growing up, but by the end of the series, Granda’s commentary hits almost every woke virtue signal we can depend on from the far-left.

Who can blame him? Granda may be a victim of grooming and that is never, ever okay. It’s actually quite painful to see someone who has gone through so much alleged abuse have to constantly relive it, and maybe even be groomed by the left into making this movie. Who knows. (RELATED: REVIEW: We Watched The Documentary On Epstein And ‘Victoria’s Secret’ — It Was Terrible)

Movies like this are why Hollywood continues to ensure that young people actually show up at the polls and vote Democrat — Hollywood knows how to make incredible content, viewed by millions of people, that motivates a singular line of ideological thinking. Conservatives seemingly have no means, or even really an inclination, to create content quite as well as Hollywood, which is weird, given how many of the leaders at major entertainment companies are Republican as heck.

You should watch the documentary and draw your own conclusion on the subject matter. It’s a well-produced story, excellently scored and edited, and scripted into the perfect piece of anti-Trump propaganda. It’s the first of what I’m sure will be many strategic campaign materials marketed as entertainment that we’ll see in the run-up to the presidential election in 2024.

Watch the trailer here:

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