‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner and fiancée address bombshell claims from his ex: ‘Just enough truth’

Jerry Turner may have had happy days on The Golden Bachelor, but not until his engagement to contestant Theresa Nist was put in a not-so-rosy light.

Wednesday, the day before the long-awaited finale. hollywood reporter It highlighted inconsistencies in Turner’s portrayal on the reality show, primarily regarding his work history and dating life.

Turner, 72, is currently grappling with a number of damaging allegations made against him, primarily by women who claim to be ex-girlfriends. He said there was “enough truth” in the article to elicit a negative response.

‘Golden Bachelor’ Jerry Turner engaged: Who is Teresa Nist?

“The Golden Bachelor” star Jerry Turner wanted to enjoy his engagement to Teresa Nist rather than discuss his ex Carolyn’s claims with The Hollywood Reporter. (Getty Images)

“Comments about things I did later in life, you know, hot tubs…some of the things that are mentally retarded. I did those things after I retired,” Turner told Katie Couric. . “I retired at 55 and didn’t want to do anything, so I was very happy to be able to do something of value to others and give back to the community.”

“The Golden Bachelor,” part of “The Bachelor,” stars Turner and marks the first season to feature senior contestants. THR, described as a retired restaurateur, noticed discrepancies in Turner’s LinkedIn profile, including hot tub installation and maintenance work at a Davenport Area Health Center.

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Teresa Nist in a white dress hugs her fiancé Jerry Turner, who is wearing a blue blazer and blue tie

Teresa Nist and Jerry Turner appear as an engaged couple on the “Golden Bachelors” live aftershow. (John Flinner/Disney via Getty Images)

“The truth is, I didn’t work as a handyman for the money. I did it because I knew I was doing something good for people in need,” Turner continued. Ta. “That’s what’s interesting about that article. There’s enough truth in it, but the reality is it doesn’t matter to me right now. I have good points to think about. There are so many and I haven’t listed them.’I thought about it a lot,’ he told Couric. He echoed similar sentiments to the New York Times, calling THR’s article a “cold look.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever really looked into how accurate that is,” he told the outlet. “I thought more about it from a timing standpoint and how it doesn’t really fit in with all the positive things that are happening in my life right now,” he said. “I mean, I’m sitting across from Teresa right now and I look at her and she’s the love of my life. And I really don’t have time to think about anything else,” he added.

That’s what’s interesting about that article. There’s enough truth in that, but the reality is it doesn’t concern me right now.

— Jerry Turner

Teresa in a gold dress kisses Jerry in a tuxedo

Jerry Turner and Teresa Nist share a kiss on the series premiere of ‘The Golden Bachelor.’ (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images)

In a separate interview with the Los Angeles Times, Turner said more. “My only answer is that there are many positive things in my life right now. I have great love from my partner Teresa. I don’t have time to think about comments like this. I’m happy.”

In their conversation with Couric, Turner and Nist were furious about the statements made by Turner’s ex, who was given the pseudonym Carolyn for privacy reasons. Carolyn said her relationship with Turner began just three months after his wife Toni died. After 10 months together, she moved into his house in Indiana and the relationship lasted nearly three years.

Jerry Turner is hugged by his two granddaughters and daughter in a family photo

In a promotional photo for the first season of “The Golden Bachelor,” Jerry Turner is surrounded by the main women in his life: his two daughters and granddaughter. (Brian Bowen Smith/ABC via Getty Images)

“That really wasn’t the case,” Turner told Couric. “I want to focus on what’s happening right now. What’s important to me is where I am today. And looking back on those things doesn’t do me any good,” he said. emphasized. Turner revealed, “Like any guy, he’s actually dated a number of women.”

“It’s about how you define whether you’re dating or not,” he told Couric.

Jerry Turner smiling outside in a tuxedo

Jerry Turner, 72, disputed the claims made by a woman who identified herself as his ex-girlfriend. (Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty Images)

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Carolyn also made several other damning allegations against Turner, including that Turner made unflattering comments about her weight. In October 2019, as Turner was preparing for his high school reunion, he told Carolyn, “I’m not going to take you to the reunion dressed like that.” She has gained 10 pounds due to stress.

That reportedly led to their breakup, with Turner telling Carolyn at the start of 2020 that she had to move out. Carolyn said she fell down the stairs while packing and had to go to the hospital. . When Turner returned home, she accused her of fabricating her fall to prolong her stay. Carolyn, who refused her accommodation, was forced to go to a hotel.

Jerry Turner gets down on one knee and proposes to Teresa Nist in Costa Rica

Jerry Turner proposed to Costa Rican Teresa Nist on the season finale of The Golden Bachelor. (ABC)


Nist told Couric that she wasn’t discouraged when she read the information about her new fiance in the THR article. “He told me about his past,” she said. “I have complete confidence in Jerry and we know each other very well.”

Turner says he was fueled by some of the backlash he received. “The most fun I’ve had so far is reading the negative conversations and negative comments,” he told Couric. “Throughout my recovery from alcoholism, [a] “I get spray tanned, I get my ears pinned back, which I think is really funny,” he said of the rumors he has faced. “So this fits into that category. People have their own opinions and there’s no way to change them. What I know is true and [Theresa and I] The only part that really matters to me is what we discussed. ”

Representatives for ABC did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Fox News Digital’s Tracy Wright contributed to this report.



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