Goldman says there’s ‘no evidence to link to Joe Biden’ on impeachment inquiry

Rep. Dan Goldman (N.Y.) said Tuesday that President Biden and his family will be arrested after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) directed his committees to launch an impeachment inquiry into the president. He claimed that there was no connection between him and the business.

“Well, just to continue to point out the facts and the truth, just as we have been responding to the same investigation for the last eight or nine months, and that there is no evidence linking President Biden to anything related to President Biden. “Keep pointing out, son,” Goldman told CNN’s Caitlin Collins on “The Source” when asked how Democrats would handle the impeachment inquiry into Biden. Ta.

McCarthy on Tuesday directed a House committee to launch a formal impeachment inquiry against Biden, based on the House’s investigation into the Biden family’s overseas dealings and the prosecution of his son. Goldman said there is “no mention” of Biden in any suspicious activity reports related to the presidential family investigation by House Republicans.

“They have over 12,000 pages of bank records, none of which can be traced back to Joe Biden,” he said. “They looked at suspicious activity reports. None of them are linked to Joe Biden, so you hear them talking all the time about the Biden family and Hunter Biden, but they’re not linking them to Joe Biden. We’re not impeaching a family, we’re not impeaching Hunter Biden. This is an investigation into President Biden, and there’s no connection or evidence to justify this.”

Goldman said Republicans are aiming to launch an investigation into Biden to distract from former President Trump, who is currently facing numerous legal battles in courts across the country.

“This is a purely political partisan game that they are playing at the behest of Donald Trump, to protect him, to distract him, and to protect him in the 2024 election.” “We’re trying to help,” he said. “And because they are distracted by shenanigans that have no merit, they are trying to lead us to a government shutdown.”

Some moderate House members and some Republican senators have balked at the impeachment inquiry, with many saying they oppose their colleagues pursuing it.

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