Golf ball rollback is “stupid,” Keegan Bradley sounds off on controversial decision

Rumors have been swirling in recent days that golf’s major governing bodies, the USGA and R&A, are about to announce the retirement of golf balls. However, this decision will not only affect professional golfers, but also amateurs and regular players like you.

70% of amateur golfers drive the ball less than 250 yards. If the rumors are true, these drives will lose another 10-15 yards.

This decision prompted mixed reactions from experts. But 2011 PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley made his point known and took no offense.

“For the amateur world, hitting the ball short is terrifying,” Bradley said on Saturday, according to the Telegraph. I don’t think that’s very wise, especially with golf becoming more popular due to the coronavirus. ”

Photo by Mike Ehrman/Getty Images

Bradley certainly makes a very good point. The popularity of this sport is skyrocketing, especially among the younger generation. Golf was the perfect sport for people to enjoy while practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

But not all professional golfers feel the same way.

Rory McIlroy recently expressed his opinion, and it was a harsh one contrast Go to Bradley.

“I don’t understand the outrage over the rolling golf ball. It makes no difference to the average golfer and will put golf back on the path of sustainability,” McIlroy posted on X (formerly Twitter). “This also helps bring back certain skills in the professional game that have been eradicated over the last 20 years.”

He’s certainly right that rolling the golf ball backwards will help hone professional skills. In PGA Tour tournaments, there is little emphasis on him hitting the ball 50 yards farther than his rivals.

However, this is why Tiger Woods advocated bifurcation and separated the production of golf balls for professional and amateur use.

“I’ve always been a proponent of bifurcation. Like wood bats and metal bats, I’ve always said that,” said Woods after the third round of the Hero World Challenge.

A motion to bifurcate was reportedly filed with the USGA and R&A earlier this year, but it was defeated. Now, everyday golfers like you and I are likely to struggle with our tee shots.

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