Google’s ‘Project Starline’ uses AI to make remote meetings 3D

Google is making video calling more realistic with its “Project Starline” telepresence system. Artificial intelligence (AI) Build a realistic 3D model of a person speaking.

The tech giant has been working on Project Starline since 2021 and unveiled its latest prototype this month. This reduces the size of the system and simplifies the technology required to function. Google’s Project Starline general manager Andrew Natker said in a blog post that it “works like a magical window that allows you to talk, gesture, and make eye contact with other people in life-size and three-dimensional ways.” explained.

“The system uses advanced AI to build a photorealistic model of the person you are talking to and projects it onto a light field display with a unique sense of volume and depth. You get a lifelike image of the other person, as if they were talking to you.” It was right in front of you,” added Natkar.

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The latest version of Google’s Project Starline telepresence system uses standard cameras, flat-screen TV-sized monitors, and AI to generate lifelike 3D videos of meeting participants. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File/AP Newsroom)

Earlier versions of Project Starline telepresence technology were roughly the size of a restaurant cubicle or booth, and included specialized cameras and infrared emitters used to create live footage that were difficult to obtain for many companies. I needed the hardware. His 3D model of the person on the call.

Google’s latest version of Project Starline requires only a few standard cameras to produce high-quality 3D images and takes up about the same amount of space as a flat-screen TV, making it much easier to deploy. . His YouTube video from Google below showcases the new prototype.

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Google provided prototypes to several companies, including Salesforce, T-Mobile and WeWork, to capture real-world data on how Project Starline will be used by distributed workforces with national and international employees Did.

“Trust and innovation are core values ​​at Salesforce,” said Andy White, senior vice president of business technology at Salesforce. “Project Starline has the potential to help create authentic, immersive connections that foster deeper relationships with both employees and customers, increase trust and transparency, and increase productivity and efficiency. I have.”

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Google hasn’t said when Project Starline will be commercially available to businesses and consumers.

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