GOP presidential candidate suing to try and knock Trump off ballot accused of filing fraudulent tax returns

The man who has filed lawsuits in dozens of states in a previously futile attempt to knock former President Donald Trump out of the primary election is now accused of filing false tax returns for financial gain. accused.

On Wednesday, statement The United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas announced that John Anthony Castro has been indicted on 33 counts of aiding and abetting the preparation and filing of false and fraudulent tax returns. The allegations stem from Mr. Castro's “virtual tax preparation business,” Castro & Company LLC, with offices in Washington, D.C., Orlando, and Mansfield, Texas.

For years, Castro allegedly defrauded prospective clients by first giving them estimates of the tax returns his competitors would receive and then promising them even bigger profits. In many cases, he persuaded them to split larger profits with him, his statement claimed.

To achieve these high profits, Castro “made false deductions without the knowledge of taxpayers,” the press release states.

Federal agents may have caught Castro red-handed in 2018. According to a press release, Mr. Castro made a similar tirade to his agent about securing much higher profits than his rivals, estimating that he would probably receive as much as $300, and named the agent as one of his employees. It is said that he handed it over to one of the people. During the conversation, the employee “did not identify any deductions” that the agency might apply, but the agent “denied any facts supporting the deductions,” according to the press release.

Nevertheless, Castro prepared a representative's filing “alleging a fraudulent deduction of $29,339,” the statement said. As a result, the agent allegedly said he received a refund of $6,007 and kept just over half of that, his $3,008. The remaining $2,999 is said to have gone into Mr. Castro's pocket.

These and other alleged false tax returns have resulted in “hundreds of thousands of improper payment claims,” ​​the statement claimed.

“This is exactly the type of activity that the IRS Criminal Investigation and our law enforcement partners are committed to deterring,” said Tammy Tomlins of the Newark field office. “Today’s indictment sends a clear message that if you abuse our nation’s tax system for personal financial gain, you will be held accountable.”

Mr. Castro, 40, appeared in court on Tuesday, but it is unclear whether he entered a plea. Each of the 33 charges carries a maximum sentence of three years in federal prison, making him sentenced to a total of 99 years in prison if convicted.

Mr. Castro explicitly denied the charges in an interview. newsweek, calling them “totally bogus.” He also claimed they were politically motivated after Trump's repeated lawsuits seeking to remove him from the ballot for “insurrection.”

“We discussed this issue in 2020,” he explained. “It's settled in 2021. Why wait three more years for an indictment? And why stick a grand jury in the moment I start confronting Mr. Trump? This is pure and utter political revenge.”

Newsweek noted that the charges against Mr. Castro were brought by a Biden-appointed prosecutor under the Biden administration.

Castro, who is running for president as a Republican, has filed lawsuits in about 30 states, many of which have already been dismissed, including cases in Arizona, Florida and Nevada.a district court New Hampshire also dismissed Mr. Castro's lawsuit, saying that Mr. Castro “did not present any evidence to suggest that he had voters or donors in New Hampshire” or that “there was no evidence that Mr. The court ruled that the company had profited from it. This decision was later upheld on appeal.

Castro's campaign Websiteappears to have been nullified, but positioned him as a blue-collar conservative who stood up for himself. “John Anthony was born into a working-class family but did not have the means to pay for college or law school. Against all odds, John Anthony eventually graduated from Georgetown Law School. , founded his own law firm, started an AI technology company, and now is ready to provide leadership to the nation as President of the United States.” law and crime report.

Although Castro graduated from law school, he is “not qualified to practice law in the United States,” according to the indictment. So far, no lawsuits against former President Castro have been successful.

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