GOP Stands Firm as Dems Use ‘Russia!’ Threats to Keep Borders Open

While Democrats seek to force concessions by threatening Russian invasion, top Republican leaders and immigration advocates are united in support of popular border reform.

“The administration continues to ignore the catastrophe at the border,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) said Monday in immediate response to the White House’s Dec. 4 announcement. Claim Republican demands for popular border reform “will bring Ukraine to its knees on the battlefield…” [and increase] Possibility of Russian victory. ”

johnson tweeted:

The Biden administration has failed to substantively address my conference’s legitimate concerns about the lack of a clear strategy in Ukraine, a path to conflict resolution, and a plan to adequately ensure accountability for U.S. taxpayer aid. do not have. Meanwhile, the government continues to ignore the catastrophe at our borders.

House Republicans have resolved that any additional national security package must start at our nation’s borders. We believe that reasonable negotiations between Senate Democrats and the White House could result in an agreement on both issues.

The House of Representatives passed the HR2 Border Stability Act with the support of about 30 Republican senators. The bill aims to stop the administration’s policy of sneaking millions of economic immigrants into the United States through expanded asylum and parole loopholes, undercutting wages and inflating rents.

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Randy Clark / Breitbart Texas

Democrats need a deal because they want $14 billion to accelerate and mask the flow of immigrants into American cities. It is also demanding $60 billion to help Ukrainians fighting Russian forces after President Joe Biden refused to seek a negotiated settlement.

Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) told ABC that funding for Ukraine cannot pass without border reform. this week on sunday. “We’re going to do this together,” said Lankford, one of three Republican senators negotiating with Democrats.

Notably, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), a founding member of the 2013 “Gang of Eight” giveaway, also called for changes in border policy before providing further funding to Ukraine. is requesting. war without compromise Together with Russia.

Graham is a vocal supporter of the war between Ukraine and Russia, but on December 3 he told CNN, “I don’t vote for any political party.” [military] Help us secure our own borders. ” Furthermore, “Reform the asylum system. Reform parole. It is possible to do it. Democrats don’t want to do it. All Republicans want it. Help Ukraine until we help ourselves.” I can not do it.”

“There is more joy in heaven when one sinner repents,” Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, replied wryly. “If this is an indication that Senate Republicans are holding the line on important issues like parole and asylum, that’s a good sign,” he continued to tell Breitbart News. Hopefully, there will be more.”

“What I want to ask is [journalists] Ask about legal immigration. That’s where people like Graham; [former Gov. Nikki] Haley isn’t going to make it. But as long as the discussion is limited to border control, Republicans pretty much have a united front,” Krikorian said.

Republican leaders know that immigration and the economy are top priorities for the Republican turnout needed to win the November 2024 election. And even if they fail to force border changes, their national demands will generate goodwill among distrustful Republican voters.

But Democrats are watching their coalition splinter as immigrants flood into American communities, depriving Americans of jobs, housing and opportunity. Republican senators know that the divisions in the Democratic Party are here to stay. growing up Millions of immigrants will be drawn into Democratic communities like Chicago by Democrats during 2024:

Democratic senators are feeling the pressure for border reform, and some have indicated they would be open to some restrictions on the asylum loophole.

But Democratic leaders are pressuring Republicans to break up.

Republican demands to enforce U.S. border laws are a “partisan” threat to democracy around the world, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) wrote to the Senate on Nov. 26. stated in the letter. “We must not let partisan politics get in the way of defending democracy. It will quickly play into the wrong hands.” [Russian President Vladimir] with President Putin [Chinese President] Xi [Jinping]” Schumer said of his plans for December in the letter.

Monday’s standoff came after a week of intense lobbying by Democratic-backed pro-immigration groups that oppose any concessions at the border. The massive lobbying effort was led by, an investor group seeking to profit from the growing influx of foreign consumers, renters and workers.

“They are holding aid to Israel and Ukraine hostage to asylum changes that will destroy the refugee system,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.). Said CNN on Sunday.

Jayapal, an Indian-born advocate of mass immigration into American workplaces, communities and society, continued:

We need to shut up and say “no”… They are offering aid to Ukraine in exchange for the destruction of the asylum system. That’s outrageous. If they want, we should say “no” and force them to vote against this vital aid.

Jayapal heads the House Democratic Progressive Caucus and is under increasing pressure for his excuses for Hamas rapists.



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