Government Issues Warning For Carolinas As Tropical Storm Ian Regains Strength

The National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane warning for the South Carolina coast on Thursday as Tropical Storm Ian appeared to be returning to hurricane levels.

The NHC warned on social media of “a life-threatening storm surge through Friday along the coasts of northeast Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.” Hurricane-force winds are forecast across the coasts starting early on Friday, with possible hurricane conditions starting Thursday night, according to the post.

Ian is currently a tropical storm, having lost some of its strength as it swept across the Florida peninsula, according to the Tampa Bay Times. It hit the southwestern shores of the state on Wednesday, leaving a trail of destruction in its path and likely causing more than a hundred fatalities.

A majority of the devastation was the result of rapidly rising storm surge waters flooding in from the Gulf of Mexico. Similar surges are now expected in parts of South Carolina and Georgia as Ian travels over the Atlantic Ocean, regaining strength.

“If you haven’t yet made plans for every contingency, this afternoon is the time to do so,” Republican South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said Thursday. “We can expect to experience a lot of rain throughout the state along with dangerous storm surge in low-lying coastal areas. With the potential for hurricane force winds along our coast, it’s important for South Carolinians to plan now.” (RELATED: There’s A Fierce Hurricane Pummeling Florida But Some People Don’t Seem To Care)

Torrential rain is being forecast throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and northern Florida, all the way up to parts of Virginia and Washington, D.C., according to the graphic shared by the NHC.

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