Greg Hardy Knocked Down Twice, KO’d in Team Boxing Match

Former Carolina Panther and Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy has developed a disturbing habit of getting knocked out.

Hardy, 34, had already been knocked out once in a bare-knuckle bout earlier this year, but was knocked out twice in a team boxing match on Friday night.

That was Hardy’s knockout at the hands of Josh Watson in mid-February.

February’s first knockout was arguably the worst of the two. Not only was it a better punch, but it was also a bare-knuckle punch. But Hardy picked himself up after the knockout. He was 2-0 with the Dallas Enforcers, a Boxing Team in the Team Combat League (TCL) that pits a group of the city’s leading fighters against each other.

However, in the process of rebuilding, he collided with the left hand of Los Angeles team Alexander Flores, forcing the former NFL defender to rebuild again.

Hardy spent four years with the Carolina Panthers (one year on the commissioner’s waiver list) and one year with the Dallas Cowboys.

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