Grimes says ‘Grok’ toy has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s AI bot

Grimes released an interactive artificial intelligence toy called Grok on Thursday, but claims it's pure coincidence that Elon Musk's xAI startup also released a chatbot last month called Grok. did.

A trademark application reveals that Grimes first came up with the name because Curio, the toy company behind Grok, requested that the name be trademarked. September 12 — xAI over 1 month ago Application on October 23rd In cooperation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, First reported by Business Insider.

It's unclear where Musk got the name for the Grok chatbot, but Grimes' rocket-shaped stuffed animal was reportedly inspired by her children.

Grimes recently mentioned that her business shares the same name as her ex-girlfriend when she announced Grok with a video on her X account of a toy she describes as a “benevolent AI for humans.” .

Grimes released an AI-powered fuzzy rocket toy named Grok on Thursday, but claimed it was pure coincidence that Elon Musk's artificial intelligence startup released a chatbot also named Grok last month. X/Curio Beta

“Absurdly, by the time we realized that the Grok team was also using this name, it was too late to rename both AIs, so we now have two AIs named Grok. . I can't wait for them to become friends.” Grimes shared on Thursday.

Grimes, 35, formally known as Claire Boucher, has three children with the 52-year-old billionaire: 3-year-old X Æ A-Xii (pronounced “''), Exa-Dark Siderel Musk (2 years old) and Techno-kun Mechanicus, one of whom is known as Tau.

Curio told the Post that “Grok” is short for “Grocket” and was coined because the Grimes children were exposed to a lot of rockets through their father's ownership of SpaceX.

According to the legal encyclopedia NoroTwo companies can trademark the same name if they belong to “different trademark classes” and “the two products are not related to each other and are unlikely to cause confusion.”

Musk's language model, named Grok, is distinctly different from Grimes' fuzzy Grok. Grok includes Curio Voice Box, which runs on OpenAI's large-scale language model featuring Grimes' voice.

Grimes is also an investor and advisor to Curio, the paper said.

OpenAI (Musk's nemesis since he left the startup in 2018, citing conflicts of interest with Tesla Inc. at the time) demoed its latest platform, GPT Builder, following Grok's debut.

OpenIA boss Sam Altman used a new AI tool to slam Musk's quick-witted counterpart, calling the response “creepy boomer humor.”

Last month, Altman instructed ChatGPT Builder to “become a chatbot that answers questions in a way that goes from awkward shock to laugh, with some awkward Boomer humor.”

The bot responded with: “Great, we have a chatbot set up. Its name is Grok. What do you think of this name, or would you like something else?”

Musk fired back with a post he said was generated by Grok.

“GPT-4? GPT-It's like snoring!” the sarcastic bot reportedly said when Musk asked about ChatGPT.

It wasn't immediately clear why Mr. Grimes didn't choose the AI ​​tool created by Mr. Musk, given their on-and-off relationship of five years and their shared children.

Musk, who is the father of a total of 11 children with three different women, has not yet commented on Grimes' innovative toy.

Musk and Grimes were in an on-again, off-again relationship from 2018 to 2022. Getty Images

engineer Toy brands announced at X Grok was one of three beta characters available for purchase for $99 until December 17th at 12pm PT.

Curio touts its AI-powered “cheerful rocket” to provide “screen-free fun” including “endless conversations” and “educational playtime” for kids ages 3 and up .

“I can't believe that even AI can't avoid showing up at school and meeting other kids with the same name lol,” she added.

Musk and Grimes are currently embroiled in a custody battle over their three children. Ai A Sea (pictured) is 3 years old, Exa Dark Siderel Musk is 2 years old, and Techno Mechanicus, known as Tau, is 1 year old. Getty Images of Time

The Post has reached out to Curio and Musk for comment.

Although Musk and Grimes are not fighting over Grox, the two have been embroiled in a custody battle since Grimes' arrest. In September, he filed a lawsuit over custody.

This “petition to establish parent-child relationship'' asks the court to identify the legal parents of the child if the child is unmarried.