Grok AI References ChatGPT Maker OpenAI In A Reply, Elon Musk Reacts

xAI is rolling out Grok, a ChatGPT competitor, for Premium+ subscribers.

Elon Musk recently announced an artificial intelligence chatbot called Grok. This is Musk's first product from his xAI company and is trained using real-time data from the X Platform. Recently, a chatbot refused to complete a user's request, citing the use case policy of his rival company, OpenAI. “Unfortunately, we cannot honor your request because it violates OpenAI's use case policy. We cannot create or assist in the creation of malware or other harmful content. We can provide information on how to protect against threats like this or provide general advice on cybersecurity best practices?'' GrokAI said.

In response, ChatGPT took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared the same screenshot, writing, “We have a lot in common.” Their post has garnered a lot of reactions since it was shared, with users speculating that the newly released chatbot may have been trained using his ChatGPT creator's OpenAI codebase. did.

Elon Musk noted the same thing and responded, “Well, son, you collected all the data from this platform for your training, so you should know.”

Musk said he “donated the first $100 million” to OpenAI's development when it was a nonprofit. He currently has “no ownership or control” over OpenAI, but was one of the company's founders when it launched ChatGPT, but left the company in 2018 after disagreements with management. . In recent months, he has criticized the company and its products, including chatbots.

Meanwhile, a SpaceX chief said Thursday that xAI is rolling out ChatGPT competitor Grok for social media platform X's Premium+ subscribers. He announced it in a post to X, but did not provide details of the launch. He said last month that Grok would be available to subscribers as soon as its initial beta testing ends.

As more advertisers move away from the microblogging platform, the billionaire is emphasizing reducing its reliance on advertising and focusing on increasing subscriptions and its appeal.



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