Group Taking Fight to Soros-Funded Prosecutors to Widen Scope in 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – After successes in 2022 and 2023, the American Protective Action Fund (PAAF), an organization dedicated to challenging incumbent and candidates for left-wing district attorneys, is increasing its ambitions for the 2024 election. is expanding.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares serves as chairman emeritus. PAAF The advisory committee said Wednesday that the group has had quick successes in fighting anti-crime software district attorneys and in some cases against candidates funded by progressive groups, including left-wing billionaire George Soros. We discussed about it.

Speaking to several reporters at a media roundtable in the nation's capital, which Breitbart News also attended, Miyares said PAAF will be involved in 13 district attorney races in the 2022 midterm elections, with Republican candidates running Maricopa County, Arizona. He touted his victories in nine elections, including That success was followed up with wins in Louden County, Virginia, and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 2023.

Miyares said that in some of these campaigns, PAAF is being used to connect with voters despite a significant financial disadvantage compared to the opposition's resources behind progressive candidates. He said it shows the effectiveness of the message.

“We don't have the resources like these big left-wing groups, so we're very, very targeted and smart,” Miyares explained. “This last cycle, we had two big wins. There aren't that many district attorney races in 2020. This is pretty much an off year. Next year there will be more.”

“In Allegheny County, the largest suburb outside of Pittsburgh…a left-wing group threw in $2 million. We're only getting a five-figure investment. We won,” he said, referring to the November election. did.

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., a lifelong Democrat, ran for the Republican nomination. stung He defeated Democratic challenger Matt Duggan. In Loudoun County, Republican Bob Anderson defeated Democratic District Attorney Buta Biberage by a margin of 68,068 to 67,768 (WTOP) report.

“Loudoun County, more than $700,000 was given to Mr. Pig by left-wing special interests. The voters of Louden got rid of Mr. Pig, and we made a five-figure investment,” Miyares pointed out.

“This shows that our message is effective,” he stressed. “When voters hear that this is criminals first, victims first, so-called ‘social justice warriors,’ they will quickly realize that we cannot trust authority. It becomes a very effective communication model for communicating with voters.”

Asked what he thought would be the most effective message to confront the incumbent radical left, Miyares said: “The most important evidence of someone's failure is the voice of the person who lost a loved one.” .

“Let's gather their voices and let them talk about it. For those who can talk about loss on camera and in radio ads, this is irrefutable. That's what we've done effectively. I think so,” he added.

Mr. Miyares also emphasized that district attorneys are unique in that they are held responsible and accountable differently than other elected officials, especially members of Congress.

“They are in charge,” he said. “They are the ones who signed plea deals, the ones who refused to prosecute criminal categories, and the explosion in crime makes it much more difficult for them to be held accountable as candidates for, say, the Legislature. “Yes. In the legislative process, they can always find one or two votes and say, 'Look, I supported law enforcement.'”

“District attorneys, it’s not about them, but it’s a much different situation from an accountability standpoint,” Miyares added.

PAAF is considering participating in 20 to 30 races in 2024, or even more at a premature date.



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