Gun shop fires back after activists complain about Santa packing heat on billboard

An Oklahoma City gun store said it was “caught by surprise” after anti-gun activists attacked the store over a holiday sign.

In the H&H Shooting Sports ad, Santa Claus wears dark sunglasses and carries a rifle over his shoulder. The same image was also posted on the gun store's website, advertising its “Christmas His 12 Sale.”

gun control activists said. KFOR in Oklahoma City They said they thought the ad was sending a “terrible message” to children.

“I want to say this is a terrible ad, because guns are not for children and Santa Claus is not for adults,” said Joshua Harris-Till, leader of Oklahoma Moms Demand Action. Ta.

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An Oklahoma City gun store's Christmas ad has garnered attention. (Credit: H&H Shooting Sports) (H&H Shooting Sports)

Mr Harris Till suggested the ad could be seen as encouraging children to play with firearms.

“Are we advertising to the kids here, 'Santa likes guns, kids, he likes guns'?” he asked. “We're missing the mark in so many different places.”

However, H&H Shooting Sports said the ad was not controversial. Mike Rust, vice president of retail operations, told Fox News Digital that activists' complaints in news coverage were ignored because activists had an “overwhelmingly positive” reaction to the Christmas ad. “I was caught off guard,” he said.

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Anti-gun activists complained about an Oklahoma City gun store's Christmas ad. (Reuters/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo)

“Overall, the response from customers in-store and on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. The support for this ad has been incredible and we are honored and blessed to have such supportive customers. ,” Rust said.

“Our signage was intended to attract local attention in a fun and festive way, but once the news story came out it caused a bit of an uproar. Santa Claus is a beloved Christmas symbol and , we wanted to include that image as a method.” “To promote our products and get people into the holiday spirit,” he added.

Other members of the community didn't seem to have a problem with the sign.

Sherelle Walker, who lives nearby, didn't see anything malicious in the ad. “Because it's Christmas, they're trying to promote and promote gun sales,” she told KFOR.

This sentiment appears to be shared by other community members under KFOR's Facebook post sharing the story.


The post has received more than 700 comments since Thursday, with the majority of accounts expressing support for the gun dealer. Several commentators said they liked the sign, and even joked that Santa “needs protection.”



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