Gwyneth Paltrow Paints Her Body Gold To Celebrate Her 50th Birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow rang in her 50th birthday by wearing nothing more than body paint.

The famous actress had one half of her body painted gold and posted a nude photo to her Instagram page for her 8.1 million followers to enjoy. The star opted against writing a big explanation about why she chose to do a provocative photo shoot for this particular birthday, but it seems that her fans fully support the way she’s chosen to ring in her “golden years.”

Paltrow provided some insight about this unique photo shoot on her very own Goop product page, and her explanation made it seem as though she wasn’t previously consulted about the gold and nude photo shoot.

“All I know is that they’re painting me gold and that I have to be naked,” Paltrow wrote on Goop’s website.

The stunning image was captured by photographer Andrew Yee several weeks prior to being shared on social media, according to Paltrow.

“I feel so good turning 50, and this is about expressing that sense of energy and optimism that I’m experiencing,” Paltrow said.

“It’s more about the female gaze and just a sense of fun,” she wrote. (RELATED: ‘I F*cked Your Dad’: Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Awkward Joke To Hailey Bieber)

The seemingly playful photoshoot featured piles of gold powder and a number of facial and hair treatments, all of which made Paltrow’s nude 50th birthday reveal absolutely breathtaking.

Of course, Paltrow seized the opportunity for a shameless plug, and promoted her product line. “I was going to be painting GP gold, so I had to make sure the skin on her face and body was very, very moisturized,” makeup artist Lottie said, according to Goop.

Lottie appears to have done her job, with Paltrow saying she had “never felt so moisturized.”

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