Haley-Phillips 2024: A unity ticket to bridge our political divide and return power to the people 

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) said the quiet part out loud in an interview with News Talk 830 WCCO in Minneapolis last week, saying: In government. ”

America is tired of division and anger. They don’t trust the political system. They want unity.

We are stuck in a cycle we have seen before, the same kind of division. caused the Civil War. Power imbalances allow a minority force to dominate the government. They use federal power to achieve their causes. And ordinary citizens are left unrepresented and unheard.

Political power is divided into three factions: the majority, the minority, and the powerless. Each faction has radicals and moderates. When radicals control majorities and minorities, powerless factions grow. Radicals seek control and chaos; lead with fear and swim in corruption.This fear and corruption is making people move away from power structuresonce again powerless factions grew, leaving the government in the hands of a few factions.

Abraham Lincoln and other leaders listened to the voices of powerless factions during the Civil War and by giving voice to unrepresented factions, they united them. He understood the cause and effect of forces, the positive and negative nature of energy. He balanced power by allowing different factions within his cabinet. He cultivated the positive side of our emotional energy and in doing so empowered the powerless and saved the Union.

Nikki Haley should follow his example.

A unity ticket with Dean Phillips may seem far-fetched for now, but the mob mentality in politics could lead to a rapid shift in power.Donald Trump longshot candidateand now he’s the de facto candidate. Lose The state of the Republican majority.

Assume that people have a positive message, a plan, and a leader who can carry out that plan. The people will support their leader.

To win the presidency, a candidate must win Number of electoral votes: 270. Ninety-four of these electors are in two states: California (54) and Texas (40). If a third candidate secures those 94 votes, it will be very difficult for either President Trump or incumbent President Biden to reach 270 votes, forcing the decision to go to the House. In Congress, California and Texas lawmakers, with the support of their state residents, could use their power to hand Haley a victory.

Haley and Phillips should join their operation, uniting the majority and minority exiles, reaching out to the powerless and sharing power. They should focus their efforts on California and Texas. Haley should lead in Texas and Phillips in California. They should put politics aside and create a bipartisan campaign platform that serves unrepresented and powerless Americans.

To reach the unrepresented, campaigns need to build strong grassroots networks that encourage the participation of unrepresented factions. Campaign funds should be spent on platforms, staff and advertising that explain how and where to vote. Advertising should be spent on local media and small businesses. Haley and Phillips should avoid being on stage and exercise vigorously on the ground in small groups. Events must be respectful of participants’ time. Arriving on time and finishing on time is a must.

This campaign needs a positive message that speaks to the public. A grassroots network of staff and volunteers needs to be trained to get that message across and grow. Listen to them and then give them some answers.

Listening, speaking and showing respect directly to the people of Texas and California builds trust. Investing in local media and small businesses can add up to huge amounts of campaign funds. All of this will ensure that Haley and Phillips win 94 electoral votes and form a new power faction.

We need leaders who understand that they can’t solve their problems on their own, leaders who will ask for the American people’s help in resolving divisions. Our republic divides, separates, and balances the power of the people and vests it in their representatives in the House of Commons. This ensures that no faction can oppress any other faction and gives all factions a voice. We need leaders who challenge Congress to meet with voters. We need leaders who will hold Congress accountable.

Government by representatives meeting with voters enhances communication and accountability, making big government feel small. Election campaigns should ignore the elephants and donkeys in the room and only discuss non-partisan issues and solutions. Ms. Haley and Ms. Phillips should never mention Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden by name and should refuse to answer questions about them from the media.

American families are scared. They are unrepresented and powerless. They need a leader. They need a plan. They need strength. Haley and Phillips could give that to them.

Jeff Mayhugh (@jmayhugh28) is president of the No Cap Fund’s East Coast operations, a former House candidate for VA10, and associate editor of the Freemen News-Letter.

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