Haley: The Senate is the ‘most privileged nursing home in the country’

Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Thursday called The Senate is “the richest retirement home in the country.”

Responding to a question about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Kentucky) who apparently froze during a question-and-answer session in Covington, Kentucky, on Wednesday, Haley said on Fox News, Kentucky “He’s done some great things and he deserves it,” the state senator said. He’s a credit,” he stressed, “but he needs to know when to quit.”

“Just like no one feels good about seeing Diane Feinstein, no one feels good about seeing a lot of things going on and the decline of Joe Biden,” said Hailey. said Mr. “My point is that the Senate is the best retirement home in the country at this point.”

It was the second time in weeks that McConnell had frozen during a conversation with reporters on Wednesday, and aides said he was simply dizzy. These episodes, along with the apparent bout of chaos in the Capitol by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California), highlighted the aging concerns of some Senate leaders.

Haley has called for mandatory “psychiatric testing” for politicians over the age of 75 and limits on parliamentary terms.

“I think people over the age of 75 need a mental ability test. I don’t mind if people over the age of 50 get tested,” Haley said. “But they are the people making the decisions about our national security. They are making the decisions about our economy at the border. I need to know.”

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