Half of England Women’s Angling Team Quit After Biological Man Joins

Three of the six members of England’s women’s fishing team have declined to allow transgender athletes to participate in the next major tournament. daily mail report.

A biological human named Becky Lee Vertwhistle Hodges Named Ahead of next month’s “physically demanding” Home Nations Shore Fishing Championships.

Badwhistle Hodges, a former rugby player, described one of his former teammates as having “shovel hands”.

According to the newspaper, Badwhistle-Hodges was “the only team member to have caught a fish in a stormy competition held by the governing body Angling Trust earlier this year to select the final England team”. daily mail.

The women’s fishing team captain was one of three who quit the team. inform of daily mail She would rather have a “garbage woman” on her team than a biological man.

The 66-year-old, who goes by the name Heather, told the Daily Mail it was a “difficult” decision to withdraw from Home Nations and save the chance to defend last year’s gold medal.

She went on to talk about the strength advantage of the biological male over the female in her sport.she Said:

This is a huge advantage of being able to cast longer distances than any woman. They have the ability to do this while using stronger equipment, such as stiffer and stronger rods.

Not to mention she has the special stamina to go in and out of waves, walk through mud and rocks, and the stamina to do this for 4-5 hours.

I personally have no grudges. While this is an advantage for our team, we believe it is totally unfair to other countries. Transgender athletes are ruining our sport and the Angling Trust will not listen to us. So me and the team decided to withdraw.

Badwhistle Hodges joined the women’s fishing team in 2018 and helped them win a bronze medal at the World Shore Fishing Championships. A year later, Badwhistle-Hodges underwent sex reassignment surgery.

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook Said“The question Sport England wants us to address is whether the sport of fishing is gender-influenced to the extent that equity takes precedence over inclusivity and safety.”

“The Angling Trust Board’s view is that there are no significant safety concerns in fishing, a non-contact sport,” Cook added.

He recognized that strong competitors had an advantage in the sport, but said “skill, watercraft, knowledge, tactics, rig building and concentration” were also important factors.

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