Happy Birthday, ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’ Here Are Our Favorite Places You’ve Been

A year ago Sunday, an iconic new national chant was born in these United States of America. Happy Birthday, “Let’s Go Brandon.” What an incredible first year you’ve had.

To celebrate your first birthday, we rounded up some of our favorite places you’ve ever appeared. Obviously, the day of your birth is one of the most iconic moments in modern American history. Who knew that one reporter’s ridiculous comments to NASCAR hero Brandon Brown would inadvertently create such a cultural movement?

When you first entered our world on the day of our Lord, October 2nd, 2021, who knew that almost a year later, people would still be chanting your rallying cry from golf tournaments to country music concerts.

Of course, we’re most used to hearing you at major football events, often at universities across the greatest country on Earth. (RELATED: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant Erupts After Ron DeSantis Calls Biden Admin ‘Brandon Administration’)

You’ve been screamed at a Nancy Pelosi press conference, and we’ve seen you soar high over our heads at football games. Oh, and let’s not forget the styles you’ve gifted us, modeled here by Major League Baseball star Manny Machado:

The most important thing though? President Joe Biden agrees with you, despite you being little more than a clean way of saying “F*ck Joe Biden.” We made this video for you when you were just a week old, and my, how you’ve grown since then (mostly in the form of inflation and catastrophic global crises).

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