Harriet Bradley investigated for ‘blow up Jewish venue’ post

A retired professor is under police investigation after suggesting online that someone should “blow up” the venue for the British Jewish Political Conference, but she now claims the post was a “joke” are doing.

Harriet Bradley, 70, commented in response to another X user who captioned the list of speakers at next month's Jewish Labor Conference: England, I get it now.” According to the Times of London.

“Someone blow up the venue!” Bradley shared the message in a now-deleted post on Tuesday.

The Jewish Labor Movement, which organized the conference, immediately wrote to the University of Bristol, where Mr Bradley held an honorary post, stating that the university had “no tolerance for such hateful, extremely dangerous and inflammatory behavior”. “Send a strong message about the lack of human resources.” .

“Professor Bradley has decided to target our conference to encourage those who seek to perpetuate acts of violence against Jews.”

“This is wrong, highly irresponsible, and unbecoming of a first-year undergraduate, much less a professor emeritus.”

Avon and Somerset Police later confirmed they were investigating Bradley's comments and had “recorded a malicious communications incident”. BBC reports.

Harriet Bradley, 70, is under investigation for suggesting online that the British Jewish Political Conference should “blow up the venue”. Harriet Bradley/Facebook

The University of Bristol and the University of the West of England have also stripped Mr Bradley of his prestigious title of 'emeritus professor'.

“The University of Bristol deeply regrets the inflammatory comments made on social media by a long-retired former staff member and is taking appropriate action,” Bristol University officials said in a statement.

“I can confirm that we have immediately revoked the Honor and Honor status of retired employee Professor Harriet Bradley.”

A spokesperson for the University of the West of England also told the BBC: “Harriet Bradley’s permanent employment at UWE Bristol ended in 2018.

“Following her recent offensive comments on social media, we can confirm that her honorary title of Professor Emeritus has been removed with immediate effect.”

“Someone blow up the venue!” Bradley said in a now-deleted post Tuesday, claiming he was joking.

But Bradley insisted the comment was just a joke.

“I said it in jest, but I now know it was a terrible mistake in bad taste,” she said in a statement, claiming she made the supposed threat in a “moment of anger” over the war in Israel. did.

She went on to claim that she is of Jewish descent and has “great respect for the Jewish people and their terrible historical suffering.”

“It's a shame [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israel Defense Forces have killed and mutilated thousands of children and babies in Gaza. ”

However, this is not the first time Mr. Bradley has come under fire for anti-Semitic posts.

The Jewish Labor Movement called on the University of Bristol to take action following her comments.

In 2019, she was suspended as a Labor MP after captioning a photo: “The right kind of Jew: a left-wing voter,” The Times reported.

He later returned, but voluntarily resigned in 2020 due to health reasons.

Mr. Bradley was subsequently expelled from the party in 2021.



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