Harris proposes July or August vice presidential debate with Trump pick

Vice President Kamala Harris has accepted an invitation from CBS News to debate former President Donald Trump‘s running mate, whoever it may be.

Like the presidential debates between President Joe Biden and Trump, the vice presidential counterpart is poised to be broadcast in studio without a live audience, on either July 23 or Aug. 13, according to the Biden campaign.

“The debate would be in accordance with the guidelines put forth by the campaign yesterday,” a Biden campaign spokesman told reporters Thursday. “We look forward to the Trump campaign accepting one of these dates so that the full debate calendar for this campaign can be set.”

Trump has not named his vice presidential nominee, though the likes of Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) are considered contenders.

Biden and Trump have agreed in principle to debate twice before November’s general election, first on June 27 on CNN in Atlanta and then on Sept. 10 on ABC News. Trump has proposed a third debate on Oct. 2 on Fox News, though the network did not host a 2020 Democratic primary debate, one of Biden’s criteria.

“President Biden made his terms clear for two one-on-one debates, and Donald Trump accepted those terms,” Biden campaign chairwoman Jen O’Malley Dillon wrote in a statement Wednesday. “No more games. No more chaos, no more debate about debates.”

The debate calendar, which had been in doubt, was quickly set this week after Biden responded to Trump’s debate challenge with his own. The former president, however, is still advocating at least four debates to be on the schedule.


“We believe there should be more than just two opportunities for the American people to hear more from the candidates themselves,” Trump campaign managers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles wrote in a memo. “With the soaring inflation of Bidenomics costing America’s hardworking families at the grocery store and at the gas pump, with our border being totally overrun, with chaos at home, chaos across the world, chaos on our college campuses, we should have one debate per month.”

Their agreement marks a break from precedent, with the campaigns directly negotiating the candidates’ debates, instead of through the independent Commission on Presidential Debates.

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