HART: George Santos Learned From The Best

Let’s face it, all politicians and lawyers lie. The more prominent the politician, the more likely he or she is a lawyer. And way more Democrat than Republican politicians in D.C. are lawyers, so the Dems are doubly blessed with the gift of graft. 

With the many lies George Santos told about his background, according to House Dem leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), Santos is “woefully unqualified.” 

Remember, Joe Biden lied about his background. A lot. He said he was in the “top of his class.” He was not. Biden lied about his family, and said that he was the first in his family to go to college. He plagiarized speeches – word for word. And who knows about the “Corn Pop” brush-up story? If Biden stays healthy, he would lead all Washington politicians in total lies told in a lifetime. 

Joe also famously said he “did not know anything” about Hunter Biden’s shenanigans, and that Hunter was the “smartest person he knew.” That last one might be true. 

So let’s agree. Politicians are like sperm: only about one in a million actually will become a real human being someday. They are not even as valuable as hookers in our society. You would never find a guy climbing three flights of stairs at one in the morning to visit a politician. 

So when this historically first, openly gay (if you do not count Abraham Lincoln, they say) Republican, George Santos, ran for Congress on Long Island, NY, the media probably did not fully vet him. 

He said he was gay, which probably endeared him to his audience. He also said a family member died on 9/11 and his grandmom died in the Holocaust. The only thing he did not lie about is that he was supposedly once a drag queen. That is curious to me. If it’s true, why cover that one up? It’s all the rage now.  

Maybe he is hedging his bets so he can run as a Democrat victim next time. 

At some point the media really should have checked his lies. Ditto for the GOP “leadership,” whatever that is these days. 

Now, with a thin GOP majority in the house, the Democrats are clamoring to get rid of Congressperson Santos.  This is really not good timing for him, as Rep. Santos reminds us that he just lost his parents, Barbara Walters and David Crosby. 

Santos won his Republican-leaning district by about 3 points. It would be a good time for the GOP leadership to show some sanity and field a good candidate to take his place. And do not look for the next candidate on reality shows or infomercials. Get a good one who is vetted. 

But here we are. House Leader Kevin McCarthy has a dilemma because Republicans failed to win a big majority in the House. Lose one vote by getting rid of Santos or limp by until the electorate takes him out, the old school way. Morals are always situational with politicians. And neither McCarthy nor the country can afford to lose one GOP vote. It’s not exactly like the Democrat Congress-folks are honest people of a Puritan nature. 

The main issue Kevin McCarthy had to grapple with was what, if any, committee assignments to give Santos, who ran as a deficit hawk.  McCarthy could put him on the Fiscal Austerity Finance Committee. He would then suggest that he could save the country money on bookmarks by just bending over a page instead. 

Now that we know everything about George Santos (I think), voters can decide what to do with him. He lied about his family, education and accomplishments. The bad news is, he’s probably about average on the honesty scale for a person in Congress. 

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