Harvard student Honor Council member accuses school of double standard by allowing Claudine Gay to stay

Members of Harvard University's Student Honor Council have called for the resignation of President Claudine Gay over the ongoing plagiarism scandal. He accused Harvard University's governing body of setting standards for its struggling administrators and standards for its student body.

“Gays get off easy,” the student, a member of the council tasked with deciding on sanctions for classmates caught plagiarizing, wrote in a letter published anonymously in the newspaper. harvard crimson Sunday.

“Contrast the treatment of a Harvard University undergraduate suspected of plagiarism with that of the university president,” they wrote.

“When students, including my classmates, colleagues, and friends, appear before the council, they are distraught. For most people, it's the worst day of their college career. For some, it's their life. It's the worst day ever. They cry a lot.”

A first-time plagiarism violation (which may result from omitted quotation marks, incomplete or missing citations) typically results in one term of probation and revocation of the student's “good standing”; , students will not be able to study abroad or even graduate. the author wrote.

Claudine Gay was allowed to correct her plagiarism, but the student could receive a one-year suspension for the same offense. Reuters

Repeated violations could result in students being expelled for a second semester, according to a letter published in Harvard's student newspaper.

Gaye was accused of plagiarism after critics identified dozens of examples in several journal articles and her doctoral dissertation, including missing quotation marks, incomplete quotations, and text copied almost word for word. accused.

“What is surprising about the plagiarism allegations against a gay president is that the misconduct is commonplace and pervasive,” the letter said.

Harvard University, the school's governing body, announced that an investigation found that Gay had used “duplicitous language without proper attribution” in some of his academic work.

The student's letter states that instead of having Gaye expelled from the university like students who committed similar violations, Harvard supported its president and allowed him to correct his mistake.

“It is unfair for the university to consider her corrections to be an appropriate response to undergraduate students who simply cannot submit corrections to avoid penalties,” the student wrote.

Trucks have been patrolling around Harvard University, demanding Gay's resignation or removal as president. david mcglynn

“When a colleague of mine is found responsible for multiple instances of improper citations, they often receive a one-year suspension. When the president of their university is found responsible for the same type of violation, If so, the corporation’s fellows ‘unanimously support her,’” the letter said, citing the corporation’s statement on the scandal.

In the wake of the scandal, many have called for Gay to resign, while others are ignoring the unintentional mistake.

“A dispassionate assessment of the plagiarism charge shows that Gay's actions amounted to plagiarism, but the mistake does not appear to be intentional, and therefore her “This does not justify my resignation.”

Members of the Student Honor Council dismissed as absurd arguments that excused the plagiarism as unintentional.

Many people are calling for Gay to resign. scale

“While a single paragraph could be blamed for an error in judgment, a pattern is more concerning,” the student wrote.

“There is one standard for me and my colleagues, and a much lower standard for the university president. The Corporation should resolve its double standards by demanding her resignation.”



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