Harvard swarmed by truck billboards calling for president to resign in wake of UPenn fallout

Billboard trucks calling for the firing of Harvard University President Claudine Gay took to the New England campus on Sunday, Fox News Digital reported. It came just days after her controversial remarks in parliament about whether calls for the genocide of Jews violated the university's code of conduct.

The privately funded truck had the words “FIRE GAY” written on it, along with a photo of Gay, who appeared in parliament last Tuesday.

One of the trucks is patrolling the campus, while the other is located at the school's main entrance, playing loudly the exchange between Gay and Republican New York state Rep. Elise Stefanik on Tuesday. . The private funders behind the advertising box truck campaign also plan to deploy planes over campus this week with banners that read “Harvard – Stop Jew Hate,” Fox News Digital reported.

The billboard truck followed a similar protest on the University of Pennsylvania campus last week calling for the removal of Ivy League president Elizabeth McGill. McGill announced her resignation on Saturday.

A truck on Harvard University's campus demands the firing of President Claudine Gay for her handling of anti-Semitism on campus. (Fox News Digital)

“One down, two more,” an official who deployed trucks to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University told Fox News Digital on condition of anonymity.

McGill, Gay, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth came under fire last week after appearing before Congress and being slammed for their response. antisemitism of each The campus was closed in October after Hamas launched an attack on Israel.

Truck sign calling for President Penn's shooting circle campus in response to Israel remarks

Testimony from Harvard University President

Harvard University President Claudine Gay attends a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, in Washington, DC. (Jiang Haiyun/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Stefanik had a particularly heated exchange with a trio of academics, forcing them to answer whether “calling for the extermination of Jews” violated their respective schools' codes of conduct.

“At Harvard, does calling for the extermination of Jews violate Harvard's bullying and harassment policy?” Stefanik asked Gay specifically.

harvard university protest truck

Protest trucks demanding the removal of Harvard University President Claudine Gay are rolling through the Ivy League campus Sunday. (Fox News Digital)

Stefanik praises Appen president Liz McGill's resignation: 'One down. Two to go.

“Maybe, depending on the circumstances,” Gay replied.

“When anti-Semitic speech amounts to bullying, harassment and intimidation, it deserves action and we will take action,” Gay said. He spoke when asked to answer “yes” or “no” if he took time off. rule.

“So the answer is yes, calling for the extermination of Jews is a violation of Harvard's Code of Conduct?” Stefanik asked.

“Again, it depends,” Gay said.

President Appen tries to reverse his “pathetic public relations sweep'' rhetoric from Congressional hearing testimony.

Stefanik responded, “It doesn't depend on the circumstances. The answer is yes, and that's why I should resign.” “These are totally unacceptable answers.”

UPenn President during House hearing

Liz McGill resigned as president of the University of Pennsylvania after testifying before the House Education and Labor Committee on December 5, 2023. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Like McGill, Gay apologized after Jewish groups, the public and members of Congress were angered by the school's principal's failure to provide a clear response to calls for the extermination of Jews in violation of school rules.

Harvard, Mitt, Woupen presidents probe 'radical leftist race-based ideology' in anti-Semitism hearing

“I'm sorry,” Gay told the Harvard Crimson last week. “Words are important”

A box truck calling for shots fired.

People stop to look at a truck calling for the removal of Harvard University President Cardin Gaye. (Fox News Digital)

“I don't know how you can feel anything other than regret when words amplify suffering and pain,” Gay added.

Since McGill's resignation, pressure has been mounting for Gay to resign as well, while more than 70 members last week signed a letter to members of Harvard's board of trustees calling for the Harvard leadership to resign.

Harvard University and the Board of Overseers will convene a board meeting on Sunday to discuss Gay's leadership, the backlash to his answers in Congress, and whether the school should issue a public statement about its president, The Harvard Crimson reported. reported Sunday morning.


Harvard University did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.



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