Hate is running rampant all across the country

FOX News host Sean Hannity responded to protesters who were “openly praising” Hamas on “Hannity.”

Sean Hannity: But first, let me say a word about the extremism and hatred that is currently rampant across the country, starting just one day after the barbaric incident. Hamas terrorist attack October 7th. Hundreds of anti-Israel protests are taking place across our country. These so-called demonstrators openly praised the terrorist organization Hamas, called for a global Islamic war against the West, desecrated national landmarks and statues, vandalized the White House, and burned the American flag. [trying] To break down the DNC door. These vindictive rioters hate Israel, hate America, and hate Jews, whom they hate so much. They now enthusiastically condone and condone terrorism, rape, murder, torture, kidnapping, and even women, infants, and infants. But you don’t have to take my word for it. At an Auckland City Council meeting, The move condemned the October 7 terrorist attack, but drew anger and much praise for Hamas.

Freed Israeli hostages claim Hamas Gaza leader went silent after confrontation in tunnel

Yes, killing innocent people is terrorism. Killing children at a concert is terrorism. Kidnapping children, killing children, that’s terrorism. The left in this country has become so radicalized that the idiots who believed “words are violence” have woken up and are now condoning actual rape and actual torture. murder and kidnapping. Well, in the end, the city council voted unanimously to call for a permanent cease-fire. Even though Hamas has promised to wipe Israel off the map, they want Israel to stop fighting back in defense of itself. They are simply protecting themselves. But the resolution condemning Hamas’ terrorist attacks, yes, failed in today’s vote, yes, by a vote of 6-2 on the left. I think terrorism is OK as long as it is directed against Jews.


Now, of course, this includes those launched Actress Cynthia Nixon. Apparently, Nixon did not believe that Israel had the right to defend itself and went on a five-day hunger strike in support of a ceasefire. Of course, she has other commitments so she will only be attending 2 of the 5 days. She hopes that she will get the attention that she so desperately seeks. But while Cynthia and other woke losers seek recognition for themselves, many of these pro-Hamas protesters truly hate Jews, hate Israel, the Jewish state, and the United States. . And that should be of deep concern to anyone with a heart, conscience, and soul. That’s very worrying.



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