Hawley demands answers on child labor from Tyson CEO after damning NY Times report

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) demanded answers in a letter to Tyson Foods following a New York Times report detailing the company’s dangerous and illegal child labor practices. .

“We are alarmed by new reports that Tyson Foods actively participates in dangerous and illegal child labor practices.” Holly wrote Tyson CEO Donnie King.

Times newspaper report An overview of the hazardous working conditions at Tyson’s poultry plants. Workers have had their arms cut, broken, or even killed by factory machinery while on the job, Hawley wrote.

Many of the employees are children who are subcontracted to Tyson, and some work full-time. According to the Times, many of the young workers are also immigrants who came to the United States themselves to escape poverty in Central America.

It is against federal law for children to clean slaughterhouses because of the risk of injury. The law also prohibits 14-year-olds and their 15-year-olds from working at night or for more than three hours on school days.

“While Mr. Tyson said his company ‘does not tolerate child labor,’ the Times report suggests otherwise,” Haley wrote. “Based on the facts, you owe an explanation to the American people about Tyson’s child labor practices.”

The Missouri senator’s letter posed a series of questions to King, and asked Hawley to respond by the end of the week.

His questions include whether the food it makes is fully cooperating with the Department of Labor and what changes the company will make after the report is released. Hawley also asked whether the company would undertake things like independent audits.

Tyson is “Main location” in 25 states, including seven in Missouri. The senator spoke with King last Friday after the company announced it would close its southern Missouri location.

“I spoke with the CEO of Tyson Foods today.” Holly posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “He told me that Tyson is prepared to first sell its Dexter and Noel, Missouri facilities to interested parties, including competitors.”

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