HBO Revamped Streaming Service ‘Max’ Crashed on Launch Day

HBO’s new streaming service, Max, reportedly crashed on its first day of service on Tuesday.The new service replaces the cable giant’s previous service, HBO Max, but customers report ABC News reported that it was unable to connect to the service.

HBO told media outlets that the issue had been resolved and that service was back to normal by late Tuesday morning.

According to ABC, a spokesperson said, “We always have to anticipate problems with technology deployments of this scale.” “I can only share that we only had minor issues and they were fixed quickly.”

This service is an enhanced version of the previous iteration. Max has added eight times the number of movies that HBO Max used to offer. HBO told customers that the show will also be available in 4K UHD. The service will offer streamers from $9.99 a month to $19.99 for him and over 1,000 movies, according to an advance press release.

“We understand the value of providing a cinematic playback experience to our users. We’ve implemented a technology workflow that works well,” said Sudheer Sirivara of Warner Bros. Discovery. Said on monday. “Max plans to offer over 1,000 movies and episodes in 4K at launch, with more to come every month.”

HBO added that for most current HBO Max subscribers, the service will automatically switch to Max.

The expansion comes at a time when most streamers, studios and entertainment companies are suffering heavy cuts.

Disney has undertaken several layoffs to stabilize its long-lost budget. Mousehouse is also struggling in the streaming space, and Disney+ is still losing subscribers.

Fox News has also been rocked by job cuts, and just last week laid off the entire investigative department.

Showtime and Paramount recently cut MTV News as well.

Netflix also laid off about 300 employees last year as the streaming industry suffered a significant downturn in the post-pandemic era.

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