‘He doesn’t give a damn about people:’ Biden campaign hits Trump comments on economy crashing

President Biden's re-election campaign on Tuesday accused former President Donald Trump of not caring about the people after he said he hoped the U.S. economy would collapse within the next 12 months. did.

“Donald Trump should say he doesn't care about people, because when he says he wants the economy to collapse, that's exactly what he's telling the American people. In the relentless pursuit of power and retribution, we support the reality that millions of Americans are out of work and living with overwhelming uncertainty about how they will afford basic necessities.” said campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

President Trump called the economy “fragile” and said he hoped it would crash by the end of the year, in an interview with former Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs on the network founded by My Pillow founder Mike Lindell. Stated.

“And when the crash happens, I hope it happens in the next 12 months, because I don't want to be Herbert Hoover,” Trump said in an interview that aired Monday night. ” he said. “The only president I don't want to be is Herbert Hoover.”

Former President Hoover had only been in office for a few months when the stock market crashed in 1929, causing the Great Depression.

The economy has been a strength for Trump with voters, with recent polls showing voters trust him more than Biden on the economy.

Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement that Biden was “responding to Trump's failure of the American people.”

“From day one, he began working to solve the economic crisis left behind by President Trump by helping create more than 14 million jobs, bringing back hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and lowering costs for families.” Bottom line: President Biden wakes up every day to work for and support the American people. Donald Trump spends every day worrying about himself,” she said.

Other Biden aides also called the remarks despicable, calling them “revealing the distorted nature” of those who expected the economy to fail.

Biden campaigned on a message that his economic plan was working, arguing that falling inflation and low unemployment were evidence of its success.

But his economic policies, known as Bidennomics, have little support among voters, and polls show that Biden is not credited with improving the economy.

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