‘He Gets Us’ got far more wrong than right

Much has been said about the Super Bowl commercial “He Gets Us,” which, while heretical, is perhaps a good example of how Christians who are just beginning the season of Lent repentance may find it helpful. I think it did some of us all a favor.

Because it begs the question: Are we really serious? In other words, Would you like some gospel music, brother??

Beware of scams. Grace only goes in one direction, always to the left.

First, a little history to set the scene. Ten years ago, the city of Houston elected its first openly lesbian mayor. And guess who was the pastor who showed up to bless that nonsense? That would be Joel Osteen.

Are you talking about the same Joel Osteen who was gunned down in a church by possibly gender-confused terrorists? Yes, the apostle of washboard abs and the prophet of $100 million in loans.

With the pastor’s blessing, Houston’s lesbian mayor will soon transform Houston’s public restrooms and other locations into Dr. Moreau’s Island, part of the nation’s first gender-segregated island in the heart of Texas. did.

Although Osteen did not object, many other pastors in the city of Houston did indeed oblige. They are, citywide referendum, And the mayor’s trans insanity was shot down by a huge 22 point margin in a very blue city. So how did the mayor of Houston react?she tried to Summon the pastor’s sermon notes They opposed her in apparent retaliation and acts of intimidation, hoping to violate her nonprofit status and find areas where she could be prosecuted.

Now, it is one thing to give a blessing, as Daniel blessed the king of Babylon with the interpretation of dreams. But when the king asked Daniel to do something he knew was wrong, did Daniel do it or did he condemn them? Apparently, Osteen’s Bible says it’s the former.

The man with America’s biggest platform, the man with his own SiriusXM channel, the man who could bring all kinds of light to the curse placed on Houston, instead gave his blessing to the witches who cast the evil spell.

However, as always happens when you try to dance with the spirit of the times, his kindness and generosity go unrequited.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll hear about the importance of attending transgender weddings, perhaps to change the minds of gender-confused people, who started firing at Osteen’s church. It was just one of Begg’s sermons. But now we’ll never know if that person slammed his AR-15 into a plowshares.

As diabolically silly as that may sound, it’s true. This is Osteen’s reward for betraying his true calling and bringing solace to those who seek to slander his people. He received his full compensation.

So, with this as a backdrop, let’s analyze the “He Gets Us” commercial that aired during the event, which turned out to be the most-watched event in television history. In other words, this is the presentation of Jesus that most Americans will see this year unless the Lord Himself returns.

And you want to know what the dead giveaway is about the foot-washing propaganda you received instead of the real thing? Who washes the feet of the redneck Alabama guy in the commercial who drives a truck with a MAGA sticker on the back and spends a lot of time in strip clubs? Where is David French washing his feet? Is it? Or how about the burnt-out boomer grandma who watches FOX News all night and spends her days stealing her children’s inheritance and pouring it into casino nickel slots? Should grace be given to any of these lost souls or not?

Beware of scams. Grace only goes in one direction, always to the left.

But remember, I didn’t come to bury Caesar, I came to praise him. Because that commercial is the greatest test of insight we could have asked for.

“He Gets Us” turned out to be a failure at best, and an abysmal liar at worst.

I am often asked, “Which church should I join?” Well, now you have the Rosetta Stone! Show that commercial to your pastor. If his reaction is anything other than a mixture of confusion and disgust, never go back. The taste of salt is gone. It serves no purpose other than being thrown outside and trampled on.

The actual instances of Jesus washing people’s feet in the Bible tell a much different story. Whose feet were those? Denier? Whores? Did he wash Pilate’s feet? Did he wash Herod’s feet? Did he wash Caiaphas’ feet?no, that’s disciplesthose in His closest communion, those whom He specifically called as leaders, those upon whom He poured out His grace, and upon whom in return He was to pass on that grace to others.

Where does grace come from? Hear those words. And what is that word?you must repent about your sins. But who in the commercial repents of his sins? No one. Who in that commercial said she was a sinner in need of repentance? No one.

“He Gets Us” turned out to be a failure at best, and an abysmal liar at worst. None of them include the cross where, all those years ago, I was pinned face down on the concrete floor in Kansas City’s Kemper Arena, weeping tears of regret for what I had done to myself, and worse, for what I had done to myself. sacrifices are not included. As a result, what I justified doing to others.

A group of wealthy “Christians” and their diverse population bankrolls expensive Super Bowl ads that give the current zeitgeist a caricature of Jesus that is already available from the likes of Osteen’s church. Coming together to provide is poetic as hell. Your comfort for their sins has not yet been rewarded. You may still be a bigot and actually deserve a bullet for it.

At least Esau ate porridge. You have nothing. Because no matter how you justify this strange version of “outreach” to yourself, you are still delivering God’s Word, even the salty parts, to a world that desperately needs it. Because they are no smarter than the people they are trying to deliver.

You are not as sensitive as the religious people of old. You are no more attractive than God. you are just a fool. You lost your anointing and testimony for no reason. The world that hates our Lord saw your attitude and accused Smiling Joel of attempted genocide.

There’s a lesson there. I certainly think so. Those who need to learn it, like me, won’t learn it before it’s too late.