‘He Makes No Sense’: Kayleigh McEnany Rips Fetterman As An ‘Empty Sweatshirt’

Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany thoroughly criticized Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman’s performance on Tuesday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Prime Time.”

McEnany implied that Fetterman is a hollow politician who has made little valuable contribution to the Senate. (Related: Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro Eliminates Degree Requirements for 65,000 State Government Jobs)

She said Democrats were able to elect President Joe Biden on an “empty lawsuit” during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. She compared Mr. Fetterman’s election victory in 2022 to Mr. Biden’s victory in 2020.

“In Pennsylvania, all we needed in 2022 was an empty sweatshirt and an empty hoodie,” McEnany said. “And that’s exactly what John Fetterman is. He has no sense. He has no logic. He does nothing good for the people of Pennsylvania. By the way, he is the most senior member of the United States Senate. He’s one of those unpopular senators.”

The former White House press secretary also encouraged Republican voters to vote by mail. He argued that unless Republicans take advantage of mail-in voting, Democrats will maintain an advantage in future elections.

“You have to vote by mail. This is a huge deal, it’s important, and by the way, Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, J.D. Vance, everybody, as a party, we’ve got to vote by mail. We’re saying right now that there is. That’s what the Democrats are doing. And unless we start voting by mail like the Democrats are doing, we’ll never win elections.”

Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro announced that his state will implement “automatic voter registration” for the 2024 election. The state’s presidential primary election date was originally set for late April, but state lawmakers voted to move the voting date back to August.

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