Health Centre Asks Parents if Their Newborns Are Transgender

The UK Health Center gave new parents a survey asking if they thought their baby was transgender or non-binary.

A Birmingham GP provided a form to parents of newborns who considered their child to be male (including trans men), female (including trans women), non-binary, or other. was asked. (not listed)” or “not listed”.

One woman shared a screenshot of the form and posted on Twitter: Here is her newborn registration form she faced. “

“I think she’s going to register the baby as the Other=Dinosaur gender,” she joked.

Woodgate Valley Health Center claimed the form would be used by new patients of any age who wish to enroll, not just newborns. inform Sun It said it was “a standard new patient registration form for any new patient, including but not limited to parents registering newborns.”

according to To daily mail, Wake forms are not part of a broader National Health Service (NHS) policy and each regional surgeon is given the option to add additional gender options to their own forms.

Toby Young, director of the Free Speech Coalition, criticized the practice, saying the Awakening Form “prompts awakened parents to impose crazy ideas about sex and gender on their newborns.”

“Isn’t it more of a responsibility for this GP to refer a parent to a psychiatrist who cannot determine the sex of the baby by looking at the genitals?”

The country’s socialized health care system has become infected with an increasingly enlightened culture, with the NHS previously adopting so-called gender-free language on its health consultation site, shifting away from pages on women-only cancers such as ovarian cancer. It was criticized for removing references to women. , uterus, cervix.

The NHS is also at the forefront of the transgender movement with the Tavistock Center and the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), which provided children with puberty inhibitors after just one consultation. has been criticized as

The disgraceful center, which is set to close for failing to keep children safe, faces lawsuits from up to 1,000 families for allegedly misdiagnosing children as transgender.

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