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Heroic Group Seeks to Expose Anti-Trump Resistance in Federal Bureaucracy

“[c]Conservative-backed groups are compiling lists of federal employees they suspect might resist Trump’s plans. Reports The lying, far-left Associated Press says this as if it’s a bad thing.

Tom Jones and his American Accountability Foundation are scouring the backgrounds, social media posts and statements of top government officials, including those at the Department of Homeland Security. They’re relying in part on information they get from conservative networks, including labor. In a move that has some people worried, they’re preparing to make their findings public online.

With a $100,000 grant from the influential Heritage Foundation, the group will post the names of 100 government officials on its website this summer, with the goal of showing potential new administration candidates who could be subject to scrutiny, reclassification, transfer or firing as they could stand in the way of Trump’s second term policies.

The entire AP article is premised on this un-American idea.

For some, the public listing evokes the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who conducted tough hearings of suspected communist sympathizers during the Cold War, led by Roy Cohn, a senior staffer who became a confidant of the younger Trump.

Of course, that is completely false and intentionally misleading.

Nobody elected the Deep State-infested federal bureaucracy, and if these bureaucrats do anything other than carry out the policies of the sitting president, they are fascists, vigilantes, and McCarthyists.

We the people should be governed by the people we elect, who will govern with our consent. When unelected bureaucrats impede, delay, or in any way interfere with the orders, agenda, and wishes of a sitting President, these unelected Federal bureaucrats are, by definition, thwarting our democracy by governing without our consent.

This additional justification is also BS…

Jacqueline Simon, policy director for the American Federation of Government Employees, and “others” told the Associated Press that “civil servants, often former military personnel, are required to take an oath to the Constitution to serve the federal government, and it is not a test of loyalty to the president in the White House,” the news agency quoted her as saying.

I ask you: what could be more unconstitutional than obstructing the policies of a duly elected President and replacing them with your own policies, when no one voted for you? If you do that, you are literally sabotaging democracy.

If someone believes the president has acted unconstitutionally, there is a procedure in place to address such concerns called impeachment.

Other than that, bureaucrats act on their own. This is unconstitutional and I will not do it or tolerate it. They should be subject to criminal penalties and dismissal.

Either way, the corporate media needs to clarify their message: one minute they’re calling the Deep State a right-wing conspiracy theory, and the next minute they’re defending and praising the Deep State as “patriotic.”

There is nothing patriotic about taking the law into one’s own hands, which is exactly what these arrogant bureaucrats do only when a Republican is in office.

If you are a federal government official and you are not advancing the policies of the sitting president, you are an anti-American vigilante and at the very least, deserve to be exposed, exposed, and fired.

Tom Jones, the leader of this patriotic effort, summed it up perfectly: “You can’t make policy and then say, ‘Hey, don’t scrutinize me.'”

that’s right.

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