(Hilarious: Did John Kerry just unleash his own “toxic wind”

John Kerry, whom Sarah Gonzalez calls “Joe Biden’s climate czar,” has just made a fool of himself again, this time for his ill-advised climate fear-mongering. isn’t it.

More than 70,000 delegates, including heads of state, politicians and campaigners, gathered in Dubai over the weekend for the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. John Kerry was also in attendance.

Many speculated that they heard Kelly fart during his lecture on emissions.

Sarah plays a clip of the moment the incident happened.

“You’re shirking your responsibility to take on something that’s killing people on a daily basis…” Kelly said as a very suspicious sound emanated from his direction.

“He definitely farted,” Sarah laughed.

“So someone farted,” Stu Bruguiere added.

“Remember the cow flatulence tax?” Jaco Buens says, referring to New Zealand’s proposal to tax farmers based on herd emissions, which has become known as the “fart tax.” Asked.

“Tax [Kerry]” he jokes.

“If he really cared about climate change, he would put up with it. That’s all I’m saying,” says Sarah.

Watch the clip below to see the cringe-worthy moment in which John Kerry releases his own toxins.

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