Hispanics are running away from Democrats. Bidenomics is making things even worse

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The biggest story of Hispanic Heritage Month, which began last Friday, is that Hispanics are returning to the Republican Party.

Earlier this month, the New York Times published a shocking article with the headline, “Signs of Consistent Decline in Black and Hispanic Support for Biden.” This work documents the ongoing political movement of minorities, particularly Hispanics, from Democrats to Republicans. The report highlights 12 “high quality” polls for the 2024 election showing Biden holding a narrow 50% to 40% lead among Hispanic voters. This is a significant decrease from the 65% of Hispanics who voted for him in 2020.

This poll destroys media coverage that the Republican Party is a racist party. This debunks the Democratic Party’s theory of great change, which holds that the growth of minorities and immigrants in America will inevitably create a permanent Democratic majority.

While Democrats stumbled in the last election, Republicans won big gains with Hispanic, Asian and young voters: report

I have been documenting the rightward movement of Hispanic Americans in recent years, and that trend is only accelerating as Latinos continue to move to the right. Biggest victim of Bidennomics.

Last Tuesday, the Census Bureau announced that Bidenflation significantly reduced people’s real median income in 2022. The pain of declining living standards is especially acute for Hispanics, who earn far less than the average American. What a contrast from 2017 to 2019, when the Trump economic boom increased real median household income for Hispanic households by $6,710.

Consider how Bidennomics disproportionately hurts Hispanics. Who suffers more from $5 a gallon of gas: a Hispanic transportation worker or a laptop class working from home?

Consider how Bidennomics disproportionately hurts Hispanics. Who is more affected by the 17% inflation since President Biden took office: Hispanic restaurant workers or white yuppies? Who feels more pain from $5 a gallon gas, a Hispanic transportation worker or a laptop class working from home? And who is more affected by Democratic opposition to school choice? , Hispanic families who have to live wherever they can find an affordable apartment, and suburbanites who can choose their zip code based on school? No wonder Hispanics are moving to the Republican Party.

Democrats lose support from Latinos, 1 in 3 say neither party cares more about them: poll

Another reason for this change is that Hispanics are disproportionately entrepreneurial, and the Republican Party is a pro-entrepreneurship party. At the beginning of this year I wrote a book They argue that greater entrepreneurship can overcome the country’s racial economic disparities.

In fact, entrepreneurship is already closing the racial wealth and income gap. The ratio of white to Hispanic household wealth fell from 8:1 in 2013 to 5:1 in 2019. Hispanic entrepreneurship surges Before it stalls due to coronavirus and Bidennomics. With a median net worth of $174,920 for self-employed Hispanics and a median net worth of $314,280 for self-employed Hispanics with business capital, Hispanic entrepreneurs already earn significantly more than the average white person. This means that you are getting .

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Expanding entrepreneurship through public policies that support small businesses could help Hispanics overcome racial and economic disparities more quickly through their own efforts. Pro-growth Republican policies such as sound finance, tax cuts, cheap energy and deregulation have made it easier for Hispanics to start and grow businesses.

The Republican Party could accelerate its expansion of Hispanic support by doubling its support. honest entrepreneurship. One immediate step they can take is to change the party’s crusty old name from Grand Old Party to Great Opportunity Party. This better reflects and reflects their platform.


Republicans could also pursue legislation to implement the Job Creators Network American Small Business Prosperity Plan. His eight-step pro-growth policy strategy makes it easier for Hispanics and all Americans to achieve the American Dream.

Hispanics are finally beginning to realize that Republicans have much more in common with our heritage than Democrats do.

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