‘Hogwash’: Tim Scott Taunts ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Ahead Of Appearance On The Show

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina took aim at “The View” Saturday during an event hosted by Republican Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa.

“When I think of Hogwash, I think of ‘The View.’ Anyone watching ‘The View’ on TV?” asked: “Okay, I’m in the right place. I’ll be on ‘The View’ on Monday.” Because I think it’s time for a conservative with a backbone to look those women in the eye and say, “You don’t have to be the exception to be successful in America.” You can set the rules in America and be successful. ” (Related: ‘The real racism issue’: Sunny Hostin suggests Republicans won’t vote for ‘someone’ like Tim Scott)


Scott joined “The View” on Monday, less than two weeks after “The View” co-hosts White Liberal Joy Behar and Judge Clarence Thomas gave a lecture on racism. I am planning to perform.

“He’s like the black Republican Clarence Thomas you know, who believes in ‘pull yourself up’, not me, and how African Americans can help this country and other minorities.” I understand the systemic racism that the faction faces,” Behar said on May 23, the day after Scott announced his presidential campaign. “He doesn’t get it. Neither does Clarence. And that’s why they’re Republicans.”

Scott and Thomas, who are black, have also come under fire for being conservative. After Scott’s Republican response to President Joe Biden’s 2021 congressional address, liberals used the derogatory term “Uncle Tim”, which was allowed to trend on Twitter at the time, to racially criticize him. launched a discriminatory attack.

“I scare the Radical Left Dickens,” Scott said.

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